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Fave Five Friday

Posted Jan 18 2013 2:36pm

1.  Avocados have officially become my obsession this week.  Everything from their creaminess to healthy fats (and the fact that they make anything and everything taste incredible) has me hooked!


(My nana’s spicy chicken tortilla soup!  Totally bomb….I m going to ask her for permission to share the recipe with all of you.)

2. I’m currently in the process of turning my guest room into my own walk-in closet.  Michael and I share the closet in our room but the shelves are like twice as tall as I am so I am unable to reach anything- I figured why not use the closet in the guest room for actual clothes?  What a thought!  I can actually see of my clothes and reach the one long shelf. #winning ;)

3. I am making lasagna rolls tonight and I am THIS EXCITED.  Growing up my absolute most favorite meal in the world was lasagna.  Can you believe I’ve never made it myself?  This changes….tonight!

4.  My workouts were on point this week and I’m feelin’ good.  I ended up doing:


IMG_1359 IMG_1306

Tuesday- Practiced yoga at home/semi-rested

Wednesday- 45 minute spin class



I ate my first quest bar after that workout.  It was….decent.  Not my favorite thing to eat post workout (I prefer real food such as almond butter, cottage cheese, egg whites, etc.), but I liked that it had 20g of protein for only 170 calories.  What do you think of questbars?

Friday- 1 hour power yoga class

Saturday- I’m planning on going to power yoga class in the morning

Sunday-? I’m thinking I’ll try to do an hour of some sort of cardio or active rest.  TBD ;)

5.  Hot lemon water first thing in the morning.  Seriously the first thing I do in the morning is walk straight to the kitchen and put on the teapot of water.   I’ve kind of fallen out of the habit with drinking it every morning over the past few months, so I’m making an effort to put it back in my routine.  Some of the reasons it’s so good for you :

  1. Purifies and cleans your liver
  2. Gives you energy
  3. Glowing skin
  4. Antioxidants galore
Since adding it back into my routine (not really sure why I stopped in the first place- I think when we moved I couldn’t find a good price on lemons…..I don’t like paying $1 each!)I’ve noticed how much more it wakes me up in the morning!  Don’t get me wrong, I still drink a cup of coffee (I could never give up my beloved) but now I’m drinking both wile I eat my breakfast.


Simply boil a cup of water and pour it over a slice of lemon (I squeeze it first and leave it in the cup to get more lemon flavah, plus it looks pretty).  Try adding it into your daily routine and see if it gives you a boost of energy!

What was your favorite workout you did this week?  

Do you drink lemon water?

P.S. Are you following me on instagram/twitter/facebook? No? Do it to catch up on my daily thoughts and shenanigans.  Annnd I post a lot of food pics of instagram ;)

Instagram: @alishasappetite

Twitter: @alishasappetite

Facebook: you guessed it….. alishasappetite

Catch ya on social media this weekend! <3

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