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Fave Five Friday: February Favorites Edition!

Posted Mar 09 2012 8:30am

Hi friends! It feels like Spring in Boston! I want to run around in flip flops and open the sunroof on my car. Alas, it is still a bit too chilly for that, but we are on the verge of something good here.

I love to do my Fave Five Friday, but this time I thought I would do a round-up of my favorite things from the month of February. All of these things are items that I used almost every day or at least a few days a week throughout February. I get stuck on things and become addicted for short periods of time. I think it is some weird form of OCD. Are any of you like this?!

Fave Five Friday: February Favorites Edition (+ a Bonus Item!)

1. Hair extensions


I know I promised a post all about these, but I have done one  better. I filmed a little video! I hope to have it up next week. :) I am absolutely loving the extensions and I am so glad I gave them a try. Admittedly, they were a bit creepy at first when I thought about putting someone else’s hair on my head, but once I got them in I was totally overjoyed that all that creepiness went away.

2. Rachel Ray 10-piece Cookware Set

I didn’t even realize how MUCH I needed new cookware until I started using these. Everything cooks much more evenly and they clean up so well! Big thanks to the AGAHM Parents for hookin’ a daughter up.



Whether I’m snacking on my favorite Grillo’s or enjoying some Garlicky Claussen’s, I’ve been loving pickles. This quick, salty snack is perfect for me and the WW program. 4 spears (or 1 whole) is 0 points and gets the job done when I need something to crunch down on after work. I’ve enjoyed pickles in a Pickle Roll-Up , cottage cheese parfait , and a few times fried (sshh…not exactly WW friendly).

4. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.

I’m not sure if I will ever need to buy eye shadow again. Ha. Kidding. Although this palette is everything I hoped it would be AND more. These colors work great for me and my style. They have great pigment and go on so smoooooth. I think I’ve convinced a few people to join in the Urban Decay Naked cult too.

5. Scentsy !
! I love coming home to my house smelling like birthday cake (Happy Birthday scent) or my bathroom smelling like baby powder (Newborn Nursery). It just makes the house feel happier! The Scientist says that I’m tricking him into believing that I’m actually baking. Uh…not so much. I’ve introduced several of my friends this past month and have them hooked. Have any of you guys tried it out?! If you are interested in a sample smell or a catalog, shoot me an email. I’m happy to send it along!

Bonus item: Because Feb is my birthday month I have a bonus favorite.

My365  iPhone app

A photo-a-day app right on your iPhone! I love it! I always have my phone with me so I just snap away and pick a photo for that day to include in my 365 app calendar. There are filters (think instagram) to use, you can link it to Twitter, and you can check out other people’s photos. So fun!

February was a great month and March is starting out on the right foot. It certainly feels like 2012 is starting off on the right foot!

What was your #1 favorite item in February? Makeup? Food? Smartphone app?

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