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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Posted Mar 18 2013 9:44pm

Have you seen  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead ?  It was released in 2011, but I just watched it over the weekend.

Holy Mother of Green Goodness this was an inspiring film!  If you’ve never seen it or haven’t heard about it – Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is about , an overweight Australian man with an autoimmune disorder.  It’s a documentary about Joe’s 60 Day juice fast which lead to his losing 82 pounds and completely turning around his unhealthy lifestyle.

During his 60 day juice fast, Joe spends 30 days in New York City and then the next 30 days traveling across the US talking to people about juicing, juice fasting, our health as a nation and the Standard American Diet .

(I’ve made a small edit to this post at the suggestion of a friend, to keep the ending a surprise for those of you haven’t seen it!)

Nothing in this documentary was news to me and probably won’t be news to you either – Joe lost weight because he significantly cut his calorie intake by consuming only juice.  His health improved because he dramatically improved the quality of his diet.

But still, to watch his transformations, both physically and mentally? It was very moving to say the least.

And every time I watched this dude walk around sucking on a big glass of fresh juice, all I could think was,

“I want. juice. right. now.”

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead was the reason I made green juice for breakfast today – my greens for Day 18 of The Greener March Challenge !

Green Juice Sick Fat and Nearly Dead

(Joe has my exact juicer !)

Just my classic green lemonade  today – romaine, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger. A few stalks of celery was among the ingredients today too.

Green Lemonade

Juice for me, plus a glass for Zak that I put a lid on and stuck in the fridge for him until he got home from work.

This film is the reason why there was juicing over the weekend as well.  As a part of my plan to expand my leafy green horizons for the second half of this month, I juiced some dandelion greens on Sunday.

Dandelion Greens

Even Kaz tried it. (And gave me the side eye…)

Green Juice Baby

Maybe putting green juice in a sippy cup would save him from the green mustache?  Maybe a sippy cup would save me from a green mustache too.

Green Juice Baby

If you decide to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, be warned: you’re going to want a juicer by the time it’s over.  You don’t need a juicer to eat better, to lose weight or to improve your health – but I won’t deny that it sure is a fun, tasty way to get started!

Have you seen this movie?  What did you think?  Did it make you run out and buy a juicer?  Do you think you could drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days straight?

(Know that Joe was under medical supervision during his fast – just in case you get any crazy ideas!)

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