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Fat loss

Posted Nov 15 2008 1:01pm

The key to fat loss is the quality and type of foods you eat during specific times of the day. Macronutrients, that is protein, fats and carbohydrates is the easiest way to focus on what your body needs for survival. Fats and Protein are used for cellular function and development. Carbohydrates is energy. Think of excess body fat as unused macronutrients. All macronutrients when not used become stored as an energy reserve or excess body fat. The more active you are the more macronutrients your body uses.

The biggest contributor to obesity is carbohydrates. Contrary to what we hear from our friends and the media, fat does not make you fat. Having said that, Hydrogenated fat, transverse fat and oils that have been heated should be avoided at all costs.

Some of you may be thinking, “great, so all I have to do is stay active and I will burn off all of my fat. If I don’t eat and I exercise I will burn off even more fat !!” This is actually wrong and a very dangerous approach when it comes to losing excess body fat.

You must eat to function properly, when you function properly your body will burn excess fat more efficiently. When you do not eat and try to burn fat you will encounter a number of negative effects that may occur when your blood sugar/glucose levels run low.

All of your carbohydrates should be from natural sources. Vegetables, fruits and Oats are the best forms of carbs to consume because our bodies are designed to break those sources down efficiently. Rice, Pasta and bread are not the the most ideal sources for energy because our digestive system does not metabolize them as efficiently.

A good balance of natural carbs and protein efficiently provides the fuel for your system. Almost like a car. If you give your car gasoline it will drive properly for a long distance without any complications. If you feed vinegar and corn oil into your gas tank your car may or may not run properly and if it does run it will most likely drive like crap. Apply the same principles to your body, instead of processed junk food go for the natural foods that our bodies were meant to run on.

Another tip is to not eat sweet food towards the evening. Your body will not sleep properly with high levels of glucose/sugar in your system. Your body uses energy while it sleeps but carbs are not the right type of energy. You must use essential fats to keep your body functioning during slumber and protein for repairs needed from exercise and physical stress accumulated from the day. Combine milk with a well balanced dinner of low carbs, high protein and high omega 3 fats and you will have the best sleep of your life which in turn leads to muscle growth, fat loss and full rejuvenation from the day before.

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