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Fat Fighters For Those 40 and Over?

Posted May 24 2013 10:02pm

So, as I was doing my research this past weekend I came across several food items that had claims to reduce fat. However, it was targeted more towards those in the 40 and over age range. Not quite sure why it was targeted…ahem…towards my age category but it certainly caught my attention. Perhaps it’s more the title that grabbed me or the fact that they are simply ‘superfoods‘ that help to keep you slim. Whatever the case, I thought I would share a few here with you today.

Again, these are simply healthier food choices that when eaten in moderation will help to keep you fit and fabulous no matter your age.

1. Grapefruit – There was a research study performed at the University of Arizona that studied individuals who ingested at least half of a grapefruit before every meal. Apparently, they lost an inch off of their waists, due to the naringenin which experts say may help to burn fat.

2. Bell peppers – These little veggies are loaded with Vitamin C which help with weight loss. One bell pepper provides twice your daily dose.

3. Melon – If you have a sweet tooth, dive into melons instead. Not only will they satisfy your sweet cravings but they will help to keep you slim, with a slice containing a mere 45 calories.

4. Chili powder – This spicy powder contains capsinoids which may help to burn belly fat. Chili powder can be used in your foods or ingested in capsule form.

5. Edamame – Not only are these pods satisfying they are loaded with protein, healthy fats and fiber. Instead of reaching for fatty chips, reach for a handful of edamame or try roasting them with olive oil, salt and a bit of parmesan cheese for added flavor.

6. Nuts – Another healthy alternative to sugary sweets or salty treats are nuts that are loaded with healthy fats and fiber. Be sure to choose nuts in their shells and avoid the salted and candy coated nuts.

7. Romaine lettuce – Green leafy vegetables are generally a great choice and romaine lettuce fits right in. Eating 2 cups of romaine lettuce contains half of your daily need of Vitamin A and bone-building Vitamin K.

8. Dark chocolate chips – Ah yes, chocolate can certainly be healthy when eaten in moderation. Not only will these yummy delights curb your cravings, the dark chocolate is loaded with vitamins such as flavanoids which are important anti-oxidants found in dark chocolate as well as dark skinned fruits and vegetables.

9. Non-fat ricotta – As you age, you tend to lose muscle which can affect your metabolism and ricotta can help. Ricotta is made from whey protein which may enhance muscle building and metabolism.

10. Salmon – In order to get the ‘full’ or satiated feeling, you must ingest more protein. Protein requires more calories to digest and keeps you feeling full. Salmon contains 17g of protein for every 3 oz, so obtaining the protein your body needs is easy with salmon. Canned salmon can be used but as always, fresh is always the best choice.

Now, again I’m not sure why these foods where targeted to those in the age group of 40 and above; perhaps because as you age, your metabolism is slower – making it difficult to lose weight. Nonetheless, choosing some of the superfoods mentioned as well as keeping active will help to keep you living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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