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Fasting: Day two

Posted by Lisa T.

Day two was an interesting day. I woke up feeling okay- somewhat light headed but alright. As I rode into the city, I began to feel hungry. Through my workout though, I felt light as if my body had healed so much overnight from the lack of digesting and lack of energy through food. But overall, it was a great workout. I haven't felt that good in a while! I felt speedy as though my feet could go faster and faster. I believe this is the feeling that those who fast want to accomplish. It's like a neutral state with your body- nothing bad has been contaminating it and nothing can stop it. I wish the rest of the day was as great as my morning was. I became very tired as the day progressed, finding it more and more difficult to concentrate and sit in my chair. I went for a nice afternoon walk and sat in the park to warm my body in the sun and meditate. This helped as I was extremely exhausted and the resting was a great perk in the day. As three o’clock rolled around, my stomach did a turn and told me of its hunger. I fed it some carrots and apples. That was not enough. I needed more. With all of the snacks in the office, it was difficult to not give in to the pressure of salty, sweet foods. Yet, I held out and made my way to the end of the work day. Then, the point where I made the ultimate decision. Initially I thought that I would go through the rest of the week fasting and then stop on Thursday just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day (coming off from a fast takes a few more days of eating fruits and veggies, then gradually introducing processed and other flavors so that the stomach and body has time to recover, in all, I like to prepare and end the fast by consuming fruits and veggies for at least one day after the roughest all liquid part of the fast) I decided that I didn’t want to be a wreck for the rest of the week as well as be good to handle whatever may come on the festive Saturday. Tuesday was my second and final day. I had a delicious spaghetti dinner with salad to come off my fast. I consumed lots of veggies but added some mustard dressing and spices which tasted amazing! My taste buds quickly became accustomed to the flavors of raw fruits and veggies so when I added the extra basil, oregano, and mustard, they appreciated the extra spices. The interesting thing about that meal is the way I felt the morning after. I went for my usual workout at around 6:30 am this morning. I took the spinning class at the gym and halfway through my workout, I felt heavy. I hadn’t yet digested all of the pasta in my stomach. It was churning through my once pristine body. It was rough. The rest of the workout was okay, and I am happy that I did it. As for my fast, I think about how great I felt at the peak of it and hope that I can do a longer fast for a full week and have many days of feeling like that. Then I consider the other parts of my day where I was so tired and exhausted and wished that I could eat something to give me energy. Overall, I am happy that I completed what I did despite the circumstances. MY body is happy, so I am happy!
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