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Fast ways to lose weight when you are busy

Posted Apr 14 2010 9:00am


We’re all leading a hectic life that is jammed packed so it would make sense that as busy people we’d be looking for fast ways to lose weight.

Fast ways to lose weight can mean different things to different people, but it’s obvious that people looking to drop weight quickly are not interested in going through all the motions of a traditional healthy weight loss meal plan.

If you are extremely busy and you’re looking to lose weight, you might want to look at fast ways to lose weight that are going to serve your body in the long run!

Fast ways to lose weight include a perfect balance between what you eat and the intensity of your fitness regime! Don’t expect to drop the weight off if you’re not willing to get active. Eating healthy foods will not be enough to get your body into the ultimate shape.

>>> Here are a few easy tips if you’re looking for fast ways to lose weight:

You can feel overwhelmed when you lead a fast and hectic lifestyle yet you also want to find fast ways to lose weight. However if you take a smart approach to your eating and exercise you can save yourself a ton of frustration, time and energy. This article shares how.

1. Exercise with intensity: If you are a busy person, you won’t have time to spend 3 hours at the gym. If you only have 20-30 minutes a day to exercise, make sure you do interval training sessions that include short burst of higher intensity. Interval training is perfect for the busy person because by alternating between one minute intervals of high pace and one to two minute intervals of lower pace you stimulate your metabolism into burning more calories in a shorter period of time.

2. Maintain a healthy eating plan during the week: If you prepare your meals in advance (this includes healthy snacks), you’ll increase your chances of sticking to a healthy meal plan during the week. The last thing you want to do is wake up, look into your fridge and wonder what you’ll be eating. Don’t forget to allow yourself some indulgence over the weekend by enjoying a few of your favourite cheat foods.

3. Stay away from refined carbs you grab on the go: If you aren’t prepared (see point #2 where I advise that you prepare healthy meals and healthy snacks in advance, you can easily fall prey to the call of those easy-to-grab refined carbs that are disguised as packets of cookies, pretzels or doughnuts. Those refined carbs/quick carbs cause a surge of insulin in your body and this opens up your body’s ability to make fat and shuts down your body’s ability to burn it off (you might need to read that one again … simple carbs make you fat).

4. Are you drinking your calories? Sodas, flavoured coffee or even juices (even fresh squeezed juice) are loaded with sugar. These drinks won’t fill you up, but they will add calories to your day. The idea is to consume sugary drinks in moderation. Ideally, you’d cut back sodas way down or even give them up all together if possible.

5. Vegetables will help with weight loss: Vegetables will fill you up quickly. They contain little calories (unless you load them up with butter, oils or salad dressings) and they are packed with nutrients which are easily absorbed by your body. If you are looking for a fast weight loss meal plan, vegetables are YOUR secret weapon. If you don’t like vegetables, I’d suggest learning to love them by finding a few that you actually enjoy eating. There are hundreds of varieties of vegetables and you will for sure find something that pleases your taste buds.

Fast ways to lose weight don’t have to be unhealthy. You can use your desire to find quick easy weight loss solutions into a healthy lifestyle by following these tips!

>>> Here are two fast ways to lose weight while adopting a healthy eating plan:

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