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Fast ways to lose weight that don’t work

Posted May 28 2010 9:00am


If you surfing the internet for “fast ways to lose weight”, be sure to avoid the obvious pitfalls that will actually help you gain weight instead of losing weight!

When looking for “fast ways to lose weight”, you want to make sure you work WITH your body’s natural way of processing food and not AGAINST it!

Losing weight quickly can help boost a long term weight loss meal plan or it can set you up on the endless and self-defeating road of yo-yo dieting.

If you are looking for fast ways of losing weight, make sure you don’t make these mistakes:

1. Don’t starve yourself: The equation is so simple: if you starve yourself … you body will desperately try to hold on to every single once of fat in your body. If you you’re looking for fast ways to lose weight, eat smaller meals more frequently to boost your metabolism.

2. Don’t fall for the Master Cleanse weight loss drink: You must have heard of the Master Cleanse. It’s the body detox cleanse Beyonce used to drop a lot of weight prior to filming “Dream Girls”. If you don’t know what the Master Cleanse is all about, you might want to read the review I wrote a while back:

>>> Master Cleanse for an internal cleanse?

3. Don’t fall for the rigorous exercise trap: You definitely want to work out and you want to work out with intensity. You have to remember to pace yourself at the beginning because if you go crazy on the first day after not working out for months and even years … your body will hate you the next day. Start slowly and work your way to a more rigorous workout later.

4. Don’t fall for the low-fat/no-fat trap: The low-fat/no-fat trap is such a bad marketing promotion that has made America even fatter. Michael Pollan (“ Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual ” is such a great read and it’s a fast read) is a huge advocate against eating any foods that claim that they are low-fat/no-fat. The reason is that if you remove fat … then you replace it by carbs and in most cases, we’re talking about sugar!

When looking for “fast ways to lose weight”, make sure you don’t end up choosing quick fix solutions that screw up your body’s natural ways of breakdown food and burning fat. You want to respect your body and focus on changing your eating habits and adopting a healthy daily weight loss meal plan that you can stick to for a long time and really integrate it into your healthy lifestyle!

>>> Here are two fast ways to lose weight while adopting a healthy eating plan:

* Gourmet Nutrition : Dr. Berardi’s new cookbook for the fit food lover (I love this cookbook and I love the healthy recipes). You’ll find over 120 recipes! This beautifully photographed book is a MUST-HAVE (in my humble opinion) for anyone interested in eating body-friendly food. You’ll love the taste and you’ll love what it does for your body.

If you are ready to take things to another level, you can also take a look at Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition Program.

* Precision Nutrition System : The Precision Nutrition System is a complete nutrition program containing seven guidebooks, a gourmet cookbook, and access to member’s only resources. It’s everything you need to get into the shape of your life. From the strategies to the food!

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