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farro risotto with mushrooms and sweet corn

Posted Aug 11 2011 7:34am

The other night I had a date night with myself. I put on a new vintage dress, poured myself a glass of wine and made this delicious little dinner just for me! Then, I took a bubble bath and read for two hours. It was glorious. Next time, I might even buy myself some flowers. That would really be the icing on the cake.

I chose to make farro risotto because it’s a dish I’ve now had at two great restaurants in the area and something I’ve been itching to recreate at home. Farro simply is another one of those grains we always hear about. It’s super good for you and has an almost “wheat berry-ish” feel to it.

And….when you use farro instead of the traditional arborio rice to make risotto, you’re left with chewy, creamy bowl of goodness. Chewy like wheat berries but creamy like risotto! I know, the best of both world, right? Perfect self date night meal.

I also added mushrooms, sweet raw corn (<—summer obsession) and goat’s milk gouda cheese because a date night isn’t a date night without those three things.

I fashioned this meal after a lovely farro dish I had at Ubuntu in June. I thought the chef was absolutely GENIUS for mixing in raw corn kernals to his farro. Since the size of the kernals and the farro are just about the same, you have a dish with a deliciously unique texture and mouth-feel. Not to mention taste! Holy moly, was this ever good. I loved the crunch of the corn, the chewiness of the farro and, of course, the cheese.

It’s always all about the cheese.

Farro Risotto with Mushrooms and Sweet Corn

serves 1


1/4 cup dry farro

~1 1/2 cups chicken or vegetable stock

2 cups sliced mushrooms

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 shallot, minced

1 T olive oil

1 tsp butter

1 ear corn, kernels cut off

1/4 cup freshly grated goat’s milk gouda cheese (or Parmesan)


Heat the olive oil over medium low heat in a saucepan. Add the minced shallot and cook for four minutes or so until softened. Add the farro and toss to coat each kernel with the olive oil. Raise heat to medium high and toast farro, stirring constantly, for three minutes.

Add two tablespoons chicken stock (or white wine). It should almost immediately simmer down. Add stock, 1/4th cup at a time, stirring continuously. Do not add more stock until the previous quarter cup has been absorbed into the farro. Repeat until the farro is tender (you may not use all the stock). This process will take about 30 minutes.

While the farro is cooking, heat the butter in another small pan. Once melted, add the sliced mushrooms and sprinkle with salt. Saute over low heat for about 10 minutes until tender and juicy. Keep warm.

Once farro is tender and most of the stock has been absorbed, add the mushrooms. Take off the heat and stir in the raw corn kernals and cheese. Season to taste.


45 minutes

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