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Farmgeddon Released

Posted Jul 16 2012 1:41pm

OHIO:A farmer who runs a members-only food co-op comes face-to-face with armed state agents and a SWAT team who detain her and her young children at gunpoint for 6 hours while computers, cell phones, files, all of their frozen food and personal food are confiscated. She is not permitted to answer the telephone, even when her son serving in Iraq calls home. Their crime: not having a food establishment permit, a third degree misdemeanor, which usually results in a $500 fine.

I will have an interview with the provocative documentary   filmmaker,   Kristin Canty. The chilling opening scenes of FARMGEDDON: THE UNSEEN WAR ON AMERICAN FAMILY FARMS that detail these raids have stunned filmgoers into asking: Can this really be happening in America? And how is it, in the worst economic downturn since The Great Depression, untold tax dollars are being spent by state, local and federal governments to shut down small organic farms and arrest farmers in the name of food safety – too often, with firepower disproportionate to the reason for the raid, and fueled by politics. FARMAGEDDON, now available on iTUNES,, and On Demand Nationwide, attempts to answer the question with a stunning and resounding: “Yes, it is really happening, and you can protest with your spending and voting power.” Filmmaker Kristin Canty was one of those who had no idea what American family farms were facing until she tried to buy raw milk from organic farmers near her home. It was only when she began speaking to these farmers that she learned of the draconian tactics being used to shut them down, even though they had proven themselves more than capable of producing safe, healthy foodCanty’s determination to draw attention to the farmers’ unknown and underpublicized plight resulted in her call-to-action documentary FARMAGEDDON.  
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