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Family Hike: Weekend of Good and Bad Eats

Posted Oct 11 2011 1:37pm

This past weekend, I went over to my family’s house in the morning to go on a nice Fall hike. I started off my day by eating fruit, then stopping at Starbuck’s where I got a nonfat misto (coffee and steamed milk) and a Kind bar. Before buying the bar, I didn’t look at the full nutrition facts. But, when I did, I noticed that there are added sugars. I was disappointed because I thought it was just a bar of fruit and nuts.

At the house, my Mom has this urge to feed us, and she put a huge bagel with Smart Balance in my face. The bagels are awesome: from Bronx Bagels in Alpharetta, GA. But, they are huge, and I was in no mood to eat second breakfast. So, I gave most to my brother.

My youngest brother ate candy corn for breakfast. Just great.
 And then my Mom got more food for us all: Krispy Kreme doughnuts, again. Doesn’t she realize I am a dietitian yet?
Anyway, we went on out hike for the afternoon, and on the way back we stopped to get some local produce, apples, and pumpkins!
 And on the way home my Dad had to get some fries to eat. At this point I was ready to seriously health-i-fy my family.

So, I picked up some spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, and zucchini at the farmer’s market to make for dinner.
 This spaghetti squash I made turned out awesome. I added fresh garlic, fresh basil, chopped olives, feta, and salt and pepper.

Then, I prepped the veggies for my Dad to grill.
 We ate some chicken with the meal as well. At least I got my family to get in some antioxidants and good nutrition :)

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