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Posted Mar 10 2011 7:49am

From Ultimate Frisbee to Frisbee golf, there are a myriad of ways you and your kids can have fun with a Frisbee!  Our family has a great time driving into the canyon to a park and playing a game of Frisbee. The equipment is cheap, the skills are easy to teach, and everyone can participate, no matter their size or age!  So, F week continues with Frisbee!

We always keep a supply of Frisbee’s handy in our outside toy box.


The three go-to games we play with our Frisbee’s are:

  • Stand in one spot and try to throw it to someone in a circle.  Catch it, and then throw it to someone new.
  • Set up goals using cones or other marking devices (shoes, rocks, jackets, etc.)
  • Split into two teams.
  • The person with the Frisbee attempts to throw it downfield towards their goal towards the other players.  The person with the Frisbee can not run with the Frisbee, they must toss it to someone on their team closer to the goal.
  • Frisbee golf is of course, similar to golf. 
  • Set up a golf course (with identifiers as your target)
  • Get several Frisbee’s.
  • Begin throwing a Frisbee toward your target.
  • Keep track of how many throws it takes each person to get to the target.
DSC_0393 DSC_0394
DSC_0396 DSC_0398
DSC_0402 DSC_0399

(The kids playing while they wait for the bus in the morning)

If you are stuck inside and don’t own a Frisbee, use a paper plate instead! Let the kids decorate it too.


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