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fall fun.

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:03pm

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The ever-so-chic  Brooke tagged me to complete a fun fall-inspired survey, and since I can’t stop talking about how in love I am with the season, it seemed appropriate for a post.  [Ironically, remember how mournful I was about  the end of summer?]  

The week’s halfway point is always a good time for a lighthearted and flavor-focused post, no?  Here we go:

1. favorite variety of apple? Fuji or honeycrisp.

2. apples dipped in? Honey, pumpkin butter, or peanut butter.

IMG_0288 fuji and pumpkin butter from the  ogunquit   candy store

3. favorite way to enjoy pumpkin? Just one?  I’m really liking it in curries.  Also in a sandwich with goat cheese and greens.  And in oats.

?4. favorite soup? with crackers or bread? Moroccan lentil, with fresh pita.  I should make this soon.

?5. do you eat orange foods all year round? How about every day?  Currently loving carrots and persimmons [and winter squash, of course].

IMG_0300 farmer’s market bunched carrots; fuyu persimmon

6. most used spice in your autumn cooking: Curry. 

7. you are baking some homemade bread, what flavor combination of bread would you like to make? Suspending disbelief that I would actually bake something, I’d love to try my hand at a gingerbread with dates, molasses, and nuts.  Maybe someone can make it for me?

IMG_0317 brussels, olive oil, maple syrup, 400 degree oven.  nothing else needed.

?8. favorite autumn vegetables and ways to eat it? Brussels sprouts roasted with maple syrup.  Roasted winter squash of any kind.  Parsnips steamed and mashed.  Same with turnips.  Slow-roasted beets with walnuts.  I could go on.

9. hot chocolate, hot cider, coffee or tea? Spicy afternoon teas, like chai.

IMG_0310the ever-stocked tea collection

10. favorite seasonal dessert? My grandma’s pumpkin pie.  She never used a recipe; she just knew exactly how to perfect it.  Topped with fresh, homemade whipped cream – no dessert compares.

11. lets make a fall stew! pick any 6 ingredients to create your own: Chickpeas, curry, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, coconut, kale.  I think I’ll make this next week!

IMG_0302 curry powder, an autumn stew essential

12. pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts or almonds to snack on? Almonds.  Never go a day without them.

13. popcorn flavor/seasoning? Cinnamon and maple syrup.  Try it!

14. bowl of hot cereal you have been wanting to try:   I’m dying to try coconut butter  on oats.  I just keep spending my grocery money on expensive   produce instead.

IMG_0291 this morning’s hot bowl: oats, vanilla soy, bartlett pear, dried mulberries, almonds, peanut butter

15. post a link to a recipe that you recently bookmarked. This Georgian cilantro sauce is a must-make.

To pass it on, I tag Rose, Danielle, and Emma!


And finally, the winner of the Stonyfield giveaway…

According to, entry #17 – Kelsey!  

One of my longtime readers – I’m excited that she won. :)  Kelsey, send me an email with your mailing address, and the package will be on its way!


Now you’ve heard my autumn answers – share with me a few of yours!

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