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Fall Flu Shots

Posted Nov 21 2008 8:41pm

The flu season is from typically November to April, with most cases occurring between late December and early March, but the vaccine is usually offered right about now. (October).

Getting the shot before the flu season is in full force gives the body a chance to build up immunity to, or protection from, the virus. Although you can get a flu shot well into flu season, it's best to try to get it earlier rather than later.

In times when the vaccine is in short supply, certain people need it more than others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  often will recommend that certain high-risk groups be given priority when flu shot supplies are limited. Call your doctor or local public health department about vaccine availability in your area.

There are millions of strains of viruses in existence, but only a few grow strong enough each year to wreak havoc on your body. Every year, the CDC puts together the flu shot to protect us from the viral strains they think will be the major players in the upcoming year. The side effects include the possibility a low-grade fever lasting twenty-four to forty-eight and general malaise.

The flu shot is very beneficial for the elderly. Thousands of elderly die each year of the flu or flu related complications. Many elderly get pneumonia, an infection in the lungs that can lead to death. A small shot seems worth avoiding nasty infections, days cooped up in bed, and possible serious medical complications.

The flu vaccine can help reduce the average person's chances of catching the flu by up to 80% during the season. Because the vaccine prevents infection with only a few of the viruses that can cause flu-like symptoms, it isn't a guarantee against getting sick. But even if someone who's gotten the shot gets the flu, symptoms usually will be fewer and milder.

 Dr. Dominic Gaziano - Dr.  G
         The Feel Good Health Guy
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