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Fail Your Way to Success: Learn How to Turn Your Setbacks to Accomplishments & Get Gifts From Great Minds At the Same Time

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:34pm

Gina_mollicone_long_front_page_3 As an author and speaker, I have the honor and opportunity to meet some of the most remarkable, positive-thinking, accomplished authors, motivational speakers and innovative experts.

At one such recent conference for authors, I connected with the dynamic, enthusiastic, no-stopping author/entrepreneur Gina Mollicone-Long.

Gina contacted me to tell me about her book, The Secret of Successful Failing, which has just been released, and a special launch that she's doing today in which you beneift if you get it.

What's intriguing about Gina's new book is that it features a fresh perspective on failure -- an approach that appealed to the likes of 60 of us authors and best-selling experts, including self-actualization guru Bob Proctor (who I just wrote about yesterday ).

According to Gina, her book, The Secret of Successful Failing is "about the Law of Attraction and how to reframe ANY failure in your life."

Secret_of_successful_failing_cover6 Today, Gina is encouraging you to get one or more copies of her book, and I promised to help spread the word, because this book really sounds like it could help inspire, motivate and encourage you whether you have sugar issues or not.

I invite you to get Gina's book today, because if you act by midnight tonight -- learn here how -- you'll get nearly $6,000 in bonuses from some 60 of us. (Yes, I'm one of the authors offering a gift.)

What's more, Gina is seeking to make a differrence in the world if you buy today, because a portion of the proceeds from each book sold will be donated to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund and Plant a Tree USA™.

So why how can we benefit from our failures?

You see, Gina claims, it's not appropriate to give failure a bad name. Rather, she insists -- as do many motivational experts (including yours truly) --- that failure is a valuable opportunity and often-necessary first step on the road to success. (Clearly, Gina is onto a hot idea, as gauged by the level of cooperation she got from so many of us authors!)

That's right: You can fail your way to success. (In fact, in my book SUGAR SHOCK!, I reveal how my repeated sugar failures are what ultimately led me to sugar-free success, where my life is now joyous and healthy than ever before.)

Anyhow, Gina's book, The Secret of Successful Failing, shows why failure is good and valuable -- almost something to be desired! Yes, desired! Because you can leverage your failures by mastering the Law of Attraction.

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