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Face The Truth: Healthy Diet To Lose Weight

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm

truthI received emails from my subscribers asking me questions, “How to have long term results after losing those excess weights”, “How do I maintain it”?

We got to face the truth. The only way to have a long term results, maintaining and keeping the weight off forever is by having healthy diet. Eat healthy and we can maintain our weight, health at the same time not gaining back those excess weight.

Let me summarize the process of healthy diet to lose weight that I personally felt when I started a healthy way to lose weight.

1st – 2nd Week: Toughest and most challenging period

For the first week to second week, when you just started dieting is really a challenge to you. This is the time where by your body is trying to adjust to new way of your eating habits and the pattern of food intake and also the amount of water. Basically, it is the starting point for the body to get used and adjust the new healthy way of dieting. Of course, feeling hungry is very normal.. but don’t starve your self. It is advisable that you drink shakes whenever you feel hungry. You can also eat some fruits/hi fibre biscuits to control your hunger.

3rd – 4th Week: Slowly adapting the changes

For the third week to the fourth week, you will feel that dieting by changing the eating habits and lifestyle isn’t that tough and difficult at all. This is because you do not really feel the hunger pangs if you are taking sufficient protein which able to send the signal to the brain to control the hunger.

5th Week or 2nd Month: You can feel  results from the effort that you have put in for the past 1 month

For the 5th weeks or second month, you will feel that your eating habits is slowly changing. Take for eg, before this you really love fried food or oily food, but now when you taste some food that is too oily or eating fried food, you just don’t have the appetite. Congratulations, if you have reached this stage. This is because for the following month onwards, your dieting is as simple as ABC. You will also noticed that drinking water of 3-4 litres per day isn’t a problem anymore. Continue on with the routine consistently, stay focus ..and you will see unbelievable results on you.

Losing weight process: Changing of eating habits and lifestyle > Maintaining the healthy eating habits and lifestyle > Monitoring your weight from time to time. Most people undergo the losing weight process very successfully, but they failed to go through the maintaining and monitoring stage. During the losing weight process, they are usually following a strict daily diet menu, but when they have lost some weight or reach the weight that they wanted, they started to eat and continue back the lifestyle that they have before this. Of course, the weight will follow as you are no longer following the healthy diet menu.

To answer the questions, the success to have long term results and maintaining the weight  is by following and cultivating healthy diet to lose weight. Then followed by healthy diet in your daily diet menu every single day. Do not forget to drink sufficient of H2O.

I would love to hear from you, what are your challenges that you are facing during the losing weight journey?

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