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Extra Fruit and Veggies May Not Help Cancer Survivors (But It Can't Hurt!)

Posted by Julie M.

I read a couple of disconcerting articles in my local paper and in the Wall Street Journal today. The stories reported that researchers had found that women who were breast cancer survivors and were eating more than the five recommended servings of fruit and vegetables a day had the same risk of their cancer's recurrence as those who ate the just the five a day. So all that work to add in an extra piece of fruit or a salad every day won?t necessarily help you prevent cancer from coming back if you?ve had it. But?many studies have shown that eating lots of fruit and vegetables is good for overall health, not only because produce is packed with vitamins, flavonoids, and other nutrients, but because the more you eat of the healthful stuff the less you?ll eat of animal fats and other ?bad? kinds of fat. The women who ate more fruit and vegetables did eat fewer calories. So keep eating those veggies; it couldn?t hurt!
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