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Exercising this summer with your kids

Posted Jun 18 2010 4:45am

I can’t take credit for some of my best ideas on this blog (like Today). I have my family, friends, and neighbors to thank for that.

This Idea came from my sister in law . Last Sunday we were at her house when I noticed a chart on her wall for tracking push-ups and sit-ups. So, I had her give me all the details. These are her words:

I’m glad you asked because it’s been a really awesome experience for me!

I like working out with a partner, but Joel isn’t so much into the working out. He mostly likes basketball and soccer, which I suck at. So I’m trying to lose my baby weight and I always try and set goals for myself.

So I thought if I had my kids do exercise with me it would help me stay on track. Here’s how I set it up: We do our exercise smack-down, as we call it, everyday during the week that we have to do our other chores. My kids know they need to do it before they can play with friends for the day. It doesn’t matter how many pushups or sit-ups we do and we mark on our chart graph how many we did that day. Each day that one of us beats our personal record we earn $.25 to be paid out at the end of the month. We watch/spot each other doing the exercises and cheer each other on. If there is ever a day that they say they’re too tired or don’t want to do it, we deduct $.50 from the money they’ve earned. So, if they’re feeling tired and can only do one pushup, they won’t lose any money. But even when my kids have expressed feeling tired, once they start doing their exercises they usually still work to beat their record.

So far it’s worked great.

Here’s our beginning stats (6/1/10):

  • Me – sit-ups: 25 pushups: 3
  • Lincoln- sit-ups: 23 pushups: 0
  • Asher – sit-ups: 20 pushups: 17

Stats as of today (6/16/10):

  • Me – sit-ups: 58 pushups: 14
  • Lincoln – sit-ups: 217!!! pushups: 11
  • Asher- sit-ups: 115!!! pushups: 24

Even my daughter does our exercises with us, sometimes, and I’ve been amazed at how much we can increase each day. It’s been a positive opportunity for us to learn how to exercise together and I’m so proud of my kids for their hard work!!
The best is that Lincoln couldn’t do any boy-style pushups when we started and now he’s up to 11! I’ve loved helping them beat their personal bests and to see them working so hard each time!
I kind of didn’t know we’d progress so much in such a short time. I’m thinking about changing up our exercises for next month to work different muscle groups. I was thinking for July we could work on lunges and triceps or back work.

So, that’s it.

So, here is TJ, strutting his stuff.  Beth’s chart was pretty big… so, here is my ghetto version of her awesome chart.

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I was so excited to get these family pictures back from Natalie- Utah County Photographer ! I couldn’t be more happy with them, and wanted to share them!

06_2010roskelley018 06_2010roskelley033 06_2010roskelley013









So, if you need some pictures, call Natalie ! She’s awesome!!

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