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Exercise Routines & Exercise Videos

Posted Dec 13 2009 8:29pm
Since moving to New York, my exercise routines have been a little whack. I’m beginning to think that back in California I might have been exercising too much. Take a look at this week’s exercise routines:

Week of 06 Dec – 12 Dec:

Sunday – sadie nardini’s power half hour exercise video; walking
Monday – 5 minutes yoga in the morning; 20 minutes yoga @ night
Tuesday – 5 minutes yoga in the morning ( =( wish i had done more this day)
Wednesday – 2 mile walk home
Thursday – 25 minutes yoga in the morning
Friday – yogadownload’s “weight loss yoga #2″ (20 minutes; this was an exercise video, not just a podcast)
Saturday – meaghan townsend’s cardio yoga exercise video (20 minutes; exercise tv); walking around @ night (1-2 miles?)

Yes, that is an average of about 20 minutes of very relaxed exercise each day. And I feel great! I wish I was walking more, but I do think I’ve found a great balance of work/life/exercise/food/happiness. I should have known – less is usually more :)

I found this great exercise video yesterday (and I did it again today): Meaghan Townsend’s Cardio Yoga (

cardio yoga

Bobby did it with me yesterday (Saturday) morning. It is great – it’s the flowy, dancey, motion-filled yoga that I love. I got a little bit sweaty, and that’s saying something (I don’t sweat — ever). This is the best video since…

Y’all might remember my obsession with Tom Morley’s Cardio Yoga way back in the fall of ‘08 (has it been that long?!?). The first time I wrote about him was on September 9th, 2008 – back before I had any commenters and before I knew how to make real post titles. Over the past year+ I have done Tom’s yoga videos many many times. I still highly recommend him, but I can never find his “Cardio Yoga”. I can only ever find “Buns and Thighs Yoga”. Sigh.

Anyway, the point of this long and rambling post is… you don’t have to kill yourself to be in shape. I strongly disagree with many fitness professionals in this respect. I think that taking the stairs (sorry, Jillian Michaels), parking far away, being mindful, and taking some deep breaths are way more important than getting in that hour of sweaty cardio. Work exercise into your life – don’t work your life around your exercise routines. Life is short, so chill out and enjoy it.

P.S. If you think that you’ll gain weight by chilling out, think again. The last week or so I have started to fit back into my too-tight pants and I credit it to living my life and forgetting about food and exercise. Try it! (Um… I also credit it to not eating 3 pounds of overpriced grapes every night.)

When’s the last time you stopped to smell the flowers?

Stay tuned for…

  • Baking experiments starring some NY family members (this was so fun!)
  • More Macro Vegetarian Reviews
  • New York bagels
  • A Holiday Challenge (this won’t be for a week or two)
  • Restaurant review (The Long Room on44th between6th and 7th aves) & a night out with friends

Have a lovely lovely week! Don’t forget to RELAX.

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