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Exercise equipment I cannot live without!

Posted Mar 01 2010 6:00am


Went it comes to my fitness, I spend most of my time at the gym, boxing club or outside (in the summer).

I’m big on using free weights for weight training and I also quite enjoy the cable machine at the gyms because I really like the definition I get from using them.

I’ve never really been big on exercise equipments until recently. But now I’d have to say that I cannot live with my skipping rope , my TRX suspension and my Smart Gym .

1) I love skipping rope because it’s an incredible challenge and gives me great legs as I age!

It’s true that I’ve had a skipping rope for a while, but it’s only recently (I’d say about two years now) that I’ve really been using it a lot and that I’ve been challenging my body.

I started with five minutes of skipping rope without stopping and I swear I thought I was going to pass out. I didn’t skip for weeks after that, but I went back at it a few weeks later and kept getting better at it and I kept extending the time I skip. I know can comfortably skip for 30 minutes without feeling exhausted (my legs will hurt and feel sore, but I’m not out of breath).

I have two skipping ropes at all times and I keep one if my boxing bag and one in my gym bag.

It’s a shame more people (and women) don’t skip rope regularly because it’s truly one of the most powerful exercises out there and it’s as low cost as it gets.

A skipping rope is so inexpensive. I couldn’t find the Nike skipping rope on Amazon, but I did find their best seller which is only $6.30 and honestly I encourage you to grab it and start skipping: Valeo Deluxe Speed Jump Rope

2) The TRX suspension has really shaken me out of my workout comfort zone!

I’ve been training for a very long time and I’ve never in my life tried anything as intensive as the TRX suspension. If you want to exceed what you think your body is capable of doing, I sincerely encourage you to try the TRX suspension training. In fact, the TRX suspension training is the workout of choice for “The Real Housewives of Orange County”.

>>>You can find out more on the secret weapon that keeps The Real Housewives of Orange County (and yours truly) lean, slim and fit here: TRX suspension training

If you’ve missed my posts on the TRX suspension, you can catch it here:

3) Smart Gym is an extension of founder Peter Twist’s philosophy about staying fit as you age:

I have to say that once you try the Smart Gym, you’ll never want to use any other type of resistance elastic bands for your workouts. Oh, if you are a frequent traveller, you’ll love the convenience and ease of these bands.

The Smart Gym is another piece of exercise equipment that is part of my secret stash of fitness goodies and I hope you’ll find one that will work for your lifestyle.

>>> You can read my full review on the Smart Gym here: Video Review: Smart Gym

>>> You’ll find more details here on the Smart Gym: Click here to visit Twist Conditioning

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