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Exercise After an Unhealthy Meal

Posted by Kevin Y.

Sometimes, when tempted, you slip. It's the weekend; it's a working lunch. Heck, maybe you just feel like having something unhealthy. Well, even when you do falter and indulge in something like a value meal at the drive-thru or a hearty helping of the classic burger and fries at your favorite local restaurant, you can still do yourself a favor and exercise within two hours of devouring your delicious caloric faux pas. Burgers and fries, while they look nice and taste even better, are notorious grease culprits. Greasy and fatty foods have the unfortunate side effect of not only making you fatter, but causing you to lose arterial elasticity, a key ingredient to the acceleration of heart disease. One of the best things you can do (other than avoid it altogether), especially if you know you're going to be devouring a classic double with all the fixing's and a hearty side o' fries, is to schedule some moderate exercise afterwards. A clever and non-invasive way to do this would be to suggest to the person you're dining with that you go for a walk afterwards. Studies have shown that a 45-minute walk, after indulging in a high fat meal, will maintain as healthy a heart function as those who declined the fatty meal, but chose to rest on their caboose afterwards. While this evidence certainly doesn't condone the eating of such things, the choice is clear: eat and exercise or avoid and lounge. For once you can do for your heart while you do for your stomach. Links:,
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thanks, this works wonders for me! But tell me one thing, if we take lemon juice in a glass of hot water after taking an unhealthy meal, will that help to some extent?
Oh it's nice blog with unique topic to discuss. We should have proper diet along with exercise. I like your post and feel good to read it. Even i am also fitness loving person and must thanks to that has given me nice abs and keeps me fit.
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