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Excited for life

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:04pm

Hey guys! Long time no blog! 

Thank you all   for your wonderful comments on my impending move to Toronto. I have to say, I have never been happier about a decision in my life. Sure, it is scary as hell… but I hope you will all stay along for the ride- bloggie friends are the best!! :)  

So I’m notofficially able to move to Canada. I am still waiting for my student visa (hint hint) that will allow me to stay there for the next  9+ months. But hopefully all goes well and it will arrive in the mail soon! 

So for now, I took a road trip with my Dad to Canada to visit with the boyf and see my future home. 
I didn’t take pics of everything, I was too busy! But here’s a recap of my 5-day stay.   

  We left on Wednesday morning not-so-bright and early at 4:30 a.m.

Road food included…

Plus a banana, an apple, half a bag of baby carrots, water and Zevia. Kept it pretty healthy!

Wednesday night Nick made me dinner- gnocchi with chicken, vegetables, a side salad and whole grain flax bread. Delicious- and healthy! Thanks, hun!

After I begged to go to the bar, because I had a hankering for some real Canadian beer… ok, it was just Blue but couple hours and a couple pitchers at Moes and we had a good time catching up =) 

Morning came far too soon, and we hit the road at 9am to visit my future home…


I grabbed a mandarin orange to go, and it took us about 2.5 h from Nick’s house, and we stopped on the way for a Canadian classic… 

Timmy Ho’s!! 

[I might get killed for posting that by Canadian bloggies, but that is what we call it here in the Ocean State ;) ]

After a long adventure trying to find parking, we finally found a spot and walked  Nick dragged me to lunch while I was drooling  oogling at some of my favorite stores along the way (Lululemon! Mexx! H+M!)

I was so excited to be in Toronto for the first time!

Lunch was Fresh … 

After seeing it on Angela’s blog multiple times, I KNEW I had to go when I was in Toronto! Luckily where I will be living is 15+ minutes from all Fresh locations so I will not spend my entire budget on juice + baby buddah bowls. Because daaaaang was it good. 

Oopma loompa juice (grapefruit + pineapple + ginger + lemon) and baby buddah bowl. yumyumyum. 

For the next couple of hours we explored Etobicoke, the part of the city I will be living in. 

And we went to a super cool place… that I am not ready to reveal yet… because I want you all to guess! 


besides chilling with this hottie…
  (Note: He does not really glow a la E. Cullen. It is just the lights at Fresh giving him the glimmer. And notice the juice? Yep, it has CARROT in it. Vegetable convert, I knew it.)

 Anywho… GUESS! GUESS! GUESS! I can’t wait to hear what you all think I’ll be doing…. and I shall reveal it soon! 

So the ride home was full of chatting + snacking…
I loves me some bulkbarn. Freal.

Crack x3- the ‘berry, fuzzy peaches (shared 1/2 the bag with the boy, saved the other half) and goji almond trail mix. Needed to get those superfood nutrients in!!

Dinner was spectacular.  Nick’s mom took us out to an incredible inn and we had such an amazing dinner. 

We started with a dry Reisling (my favorite white!) and two slices of multigrain baguette with herbed butter. Mmm…

And then dinner arrived.
Baked stuffed chicken with herbed cream cheese over a potato leek cake, with seasonal vegetables.

Oh my foodgasm.

Dessert was ok…

We ordered the creme brulee to share 
Which both Nick’s mom and I agreed was not up to par. I had one bite and a few of the warm figs compote. Figs are the key to my heart, truly.

And my dad ordered the  caramel apple cheesecake. Which was farrr superior. 
I mighta stolen two BIG bites. Fluffy and yum. 

No bar hopping for this chica thursday night… i was wiped! 

Friday morning I woke up and managed a 40-minute run   around the park before getting ready to head to Toronto, AGAIN. We hadn’t planned on going two days in a row but an unexpected, and very exciting engagement came up and we had to go back ;)  

Her breakfast on the go-
 Low fat berry bran muffin, nonfat pumpkin chai latte from Coffee Lodge. 

His breakfast-

Three spicy chicken wings, and a breakfast sandwich.
Guess he’s not a complete convert. Oh, well.

The day was a-freaking-mazing… more details to come soon. 

I had the most incredible falafel pita for $3.49 at this little place in Etobicoke…

and tried this middle-eastern drink, which is basically a mango smoothie in a can. Looks sketchy, tastes incred. 

We drove home, stuffed silly and watching the beautiful Ontario sunset…
And spent half the time looking for Nick’s phone stylus I lost somehow in the car… whoops.

Dinner was exactly what I was craving- even though I have no idea how I still had an appetite after all the food we ate during the day (believe me, it was ALOT)…

A big ol’ pint of Guinness and an Irish bar favorite (lol)…
Salmon and Leek pie and grilled veggies. Love it.

We spent the night hanging out with Nick’s friend Kelly, with $2 Rye and ginger price that can’t be beat. Well, maybe it can… they were kinda tiny. It was fun, nonetheless.

I had some time to sleep in on Saturday morning, I cooked Nick up a nice french omelet with cheese and I had two poached eggs on toast with some coffee.

Then I convinced Nick to go for a run… he made it 20 mins, I made it 30 and then we showered and hit the road yet AGAIN… this time, to London! 

I convinced Nick and his parents to go see one of my favorite musicals…
Avenue Q! Viewer discretion advised. This is NOT a show for young children… or the 85 year old woman who almost had a heart attack sitting next to my dad. heh.  

Hilarious, just as good as the first time I saw it, 4 years ago! Nick liked it too, even though he was CONVINCED he did not like musicals. Toldya you’d like this one ;)

Lunch on the way to the show was NOT something I’d normally eat…
But who can pass up a Chubby Chicken and rootbeer? Not I. When in Rome… and, it was quick. 

After the show we stopped at the indoor farmer’s market and I had a mix of heart attack and foodgasm all at once. Nick almost needed to restrain me. But he bought me dried figs instead, and I fell in love with him all over again.

I left with some Maple glazed soynuts, chia seeds, fuzzy peaches for Nick and CUPCAKES!!!

Gingerbread is mine, rainbow is the boy’s.  

It was foodie HEAVEN.

Then I went further into foodie paradise when we stuffed our bellies with miso soup, tempura, and copious amounts of raw fish…

Sooo delicious. Plus loads and loads of green tea.

The night ended with beer, comedy, and cupcakes.  What could be better? 

Sadly I had to leave on Sunday… it was a long, tiring trip with a two hour wait at the border… food was mainly fruit, quiznos and these babies…
 Home= Detox time.  

All in all, it was a great trip, once again. I had a great time eating amazing food, seeing my love, and my new city.  

I am SO excited for my new life!! Just need to get through finals first… 




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