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everything I eat lately taste the same, basically bland. What could be causing this change in what my foods taste like?

Posted by Jamar Lynn

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that is interesting, have you been eating too much acidy food? some people i grew up with couldn't have ketchup because it was acidy, but they did it anyway and can't taste some foods as well as others. i'd imagine you could talk to a doctor on how to save taste buds. maybe a new toothbrush with a tongue scraper??? good luck

I am not aware that I eat a lot of acidy foods and I use my tongue scraper before each brushing.  I think I will discuss with my doctor.  Thanks

A zinc deficiency can cause a lack of taste as well as smell. You might also notice an increase in skin problems. Foods that are high in zinc are pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, organic meats, and beans like chickpeas.

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