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every time i eat sugar i experience swelling and pain in lower abdomen why?

Posted by deep

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Hello Deep,

While I am not a medical professional, here is a possible reason for your problem: "Gallstones".

In the book, "Food-Your Miracle Medicine", Jean Carper describes gallstone attacks as "fingers of pain that radiate from the upper right abdomen.."

She goes on to say, "...researchers advised those susceptible to  gallstones to lay off sugar and eat lots of whole grains and fruits and vegetables."

Carper points out foods that promote gallstone attacks are coffee and sugar and foods that help prevent gallstone attacks are lots of vegetables, soybeans and olive oil.

Women, especially obese women, are effected by gallstones three times as often as men.

How my goodness! Cliff S. you just discribed me! OH MY GOD!  I need to get "Food-Your Miracle Medicine".
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