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Ever Heard of Ear Candles?

Posted Jan 25 2009 3:55pm 1 Comment
Dylan burning an ear candleLaura burning an ear candle It's not every day you see someone burning a candle in their ear, right?

Well, the truth is, it's not really a candle... but I'll explain later.

My daughter, Rachael, is in nursing school. One day, her class was talking about different things and the subject of ear candles came up. She inquired further and found that many people use them to get the wax out of their ears.

Later, she went to the health food store and bought some for her and her husband to try out. They liked the results so much, a few months later, they bought some more, to keep on hand.

A couple of weeks ago, Rachael asked my son, Dylan, and I if we would like to try it. I don't have a problem with ear wax but I couldn't resist trying it (I'm such a daredevil)!

It was an interesting experience. First of all, they aren't candles. Ear candles are actually hollow cones made from strips of unbleached cotton or linen dipped in paraffin and/or beeswax and herbs.

It was relaxing because as the flame got closer to my head, the inside of my ear started to feel warm. Then the crackling began which also felt good. The whole process took about 15 minutes. My daughter lit the ear candle for my son and I, and she watched us closely to make sure we didn't catch the house on fire or something. You might think the burnt cone would cause ashes to fall on top of you but the candle is made of material and it doesn't come apart. I think the paper plate is there as a precaution. You think? :)

When the flame got within 2 inches or so from our heads, Rachael took the ear candles out and doused them in a cup of water. Then she cut the candles open to reveal the collected wax. Dylan had a lot more wax than me but I was surprised to see the amount of wax that came out of my ears!

The following night, my mom and aunt came to the house. My mom was scheduled to have a heart stent procedure done at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock the next morning. Since my mom and aunt live an hour and a half from Little Rock, I invited them to spend the night at my house so we could all leave together the following morning (Little Rock is a thirty minute trip from my house).

Jo Jo burning an ear candle
Jo Jo showing off her ear candle resultsAunt Losie showing off her ear candle results
I asked my mom and aunt if either of them had ever heard of ear candles and when they said they didn't, I proceeded to give them the scoop about how Dylan and I had done it the night before. Of course, they wanted to try it out!

And here's where things got crazy. You don't know how much I wish I had videotaped the whole thing.

We all laughed so hard we were crying. Of course, the video would've been of poor quality because I wouldn't have been able to keep the camera still. It was hysterical! It's a memory none of us will ever forget.

I told Mom, "This would make a great party idea!" Just when everyone is casually sitting around talking, pass out the ear candles and let the fun begin!

I would start out by asking everyone, "What do you think this is used for?" Hehehehehe!

And that's what we folks in Arkansas call a good time!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. You want to read something hysterical? Check out JD's post, "I Grow Potatoes in my Ears"

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Just out of curiosity, is there any special reason why you are lying down on your side. I have read that lying down is the improper way to ear candle because of the chance of hot wax and or debris falling into the ear canal. I found a particular site that sells candles and they have a lot of interesting information on their site. 
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