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Posted by MyTu D.

Many people overeat due to dissatisfaction after eating a meal. If you eat too fast, you won't get to enjoy your food. Studies have also shown that it takes 20 minutes for your food to reach to your small intestine, by then it will signal the feeling of satisfaction. Eating slower meaning. Chewing all your food, make each bite smaller. You'll allow yourself to enjoy how much flavor food has to offer. Definitely much more than just gulping it down!

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This is so true! Eating faster is the first thing that happens to me when I'm in a hurry or stressed! Then once it becomes a habit, you've got to break it all over again. Slow down, enjoy it! Eat less!
Today I went to a buffet (not so smart with my diet), however it did give me a wake up call especially on this issue. I looked around and everybody was in heavy discussion, not talking, or on the phone. Regardless of what they were doing, they were all eating quite fast. Then because they went to a restaurant to dine out, they didn't want to finish early so the trigger in their brain would say "Hm, my plate is empty and this lovely night needs to continue so I must get another plate." Its a harsh cycle. So great advice!
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