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Enjoy Halloween... even with the candy

Posted by Larissa

Halloween is tomorrow and for those trying to stay health, this can be diffcult with all the candy around the office or your children bring home candy from school and trick or treating. Check out these tips a co-worker emailed me from the Washington Post:

Bit-O-Honey: 1 piece has 26 calories

Twizzlers: Snack size has 37 calories

3 Musketeers: Fun size has 63 calories

You can view the full story and candy chart at the

Just remember... moderation is key.

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These last a long time and there's a chocolate fix in the center! The time it takes to have a lollipop is time not spent downing chocolate bars!
I love the mini sized York Peppermint Patties. They have dark chocolate outside creamy mint inside and they're low in fat.
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