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Enhancing Your Relationships

Posted Oct 05 2012 7:00am

 Relationships are meant to enhance our lives. We go into them not only to please ourselves but to enrich the life of another.  They are an extension of yourself, so if your relationship is not what you would like it to be you should take some time to examine what might be causing this.

Are you consistently working on your relationship or are you just letting it be thinking it was great when it began so it should still be?   If you think it will remain as good as it was without working on it you are setting yourself up for disappointment for yourself and your partner. People change daily because of their life experiences, age and wisdom. All of these play a role in who you are now and who you will become. 

Relationships are something that takes time to build.  They must be nourished and cared for each and every day.  Now that doesn’t mean you have to do something spectacular every day. The little things count too. It’s those little details that truly let someone know you are by their side and wanting to be their partner for life.

Taking some steps to ensure that you are enhancing your relationship is so important. You and your partner will be grateful you took the time and put it the work to make your relationship all that you both need and desire it to be.

 Some effective steps to keeping your relationship alive and flourishing are:

1. Go easy on yourself and your partner  

When you are going through a rough time in your relationship and things start getting really tense and serious, step back and take a deep breath. Remember that you are both tense because of the situation so instead of letting it blow up into something more than it is go easy.  Don’t let your emotions take control over you start thinking everything else is negative when in fact it really isn’t.  Instead find something that you can laugh about to break that tension together and let the rest go.  

2.  Intimacy 

Intimacy in a relationship is necessary and healthy. It is in our nature to want to touch and be touched.  You need to take the time to be intimate even when you are going through tough times. Intimacy is crucial to stay connected with your partner.  Surprise them with a warm bubble bath, candles, and music or perhaps lighted candles in your bedroom.  Make it cozy and inviting so that it can be a beautiful experience for both of you. What attracted you in the first place is still there, despite all you may be going through.  Keep it alive. 

3.  Birthday’s  

As the years pass by and we get older we tend to not put as much focus on our birthdays. We let it become just another day.  You tell your partner.  “Happy Birthday”, give them a quick gift and its back to work as usual.  Everyone, even as old as we get still like to receive attention. We need to feel and be shown we are loved and appreciated.  Do something special that show them you really do appreciate and value them. It is so important to let them know each and everyday that they are a significant part of your life. That they truly matter to you. 

 4. Getting away  

We get so busy working; raising our children and keeping up with our everyday lives that we forget to unplug and be there for each other.  Plan a weekend getaway. You don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money.  Make this part of your monthly budget.  Go to a hotel, or a bed and breakfast away from your everyday life and celebrate being partners.  Rekindle your love for each other and rejoice in your accomplishments as a couple.

5. Simply Because   

Don’t always wait for a special occasion or celebration to do something for your partner. You don’t have to spend a fortune to let them know you thought of them. Most often, it’s the little things you took the time to do that actually means the most.  It usually requires more thought and you partner will appreciate this.  Pay attention to the little things your partner likes, perhaps they are a collector and you can find something to add to the collection.  One morning, get up and go get your partner that coffee you know they love from Starbucks and have it there for them when they get up. Lay out that tie you love to see your husband in and let him know how good he looks when he wears it.  Whatever you do, do it simply because you want to. No strings or expectations in return other than having made your partner smile.

6. Words Speak Volumes  

Write loves notes and seal it with a kiss.  Place them unexpected places for your partner to find.  It will light up their world and make their day so much better.  Kind, caring words can make all the difference in how your partner relates to you. 

7. Cuddling  

When you first started dating, I am sure you cuddled much of the time. The as your relationship progressed and life started happening this stopped.  You need to cuddle. If you are watching a movie or laying on the bed reading, just get close to your partner and tell them you just want to be close and cuddle.  Help each other to feel secure and loved.  All couples, regardless of circumstances in their life need this. 

8. Show Kindness  

We often overlook kindness and its value.  If your partner is working, bring them a nice refreshing drink or their  favorite snack to perk them up.  Kindness is about seeing what the other person is going through and seeing what it is you can do to help make their situation better.  It shows you respect what they are doing and want to make their life easier in some way.

All of the ideas are there to help enhance your relationship.  They are important and easy steps to ensure that you are growing as a couple and taking your relationship to the next amazing level!



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