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Energy Drinks to Replace Coffee as America's "Pick Me Up"?

Posted by Ben S.

Coffee has long held a monopoly over other caffeinated beverages, but now it's facing strong competition from an increase in demand and sales of energy drinks. Consumers are starting to ask: Which is better?, Which is healthier?, and of course Which will give me the most energy? Coffee is the original energy booster, containing enough caffeine to lift our energy levels and help jumpstart our days. Coffee goods are the second hottest item in the world market owing to these positive effects. Most of us feel as if we can not function without our morning companion; I know I can't go a full day without my Starbucks. But recent alternatives are tempting and getting more popular. Many friends of mine have done the trade-off and now require a Red Bull in the afternoon. I've been thinking of making the switch, what do you think? Which of these drinks is the healthier choice and why?
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Electrolyte-replenishing drinks. If you're in need of some real energy, especially after a work out, drinks like gatorade are good to replenish lost fluids, and during the day, the bit of sugar in them can give you a little bit of a lift. Coffee and energy drinks like Red Bull, I've seemed to find, only provide energy temporarily-I tend to "crash" an hour or so after drinking one or the other. I'd advise against drinking either if you plan to exercise or play sports afterwards. Doing so tends to leave me with an unsettled feeling in my upper body.
continuation!. I'm more of a coffee person in the morning, but i had no idea it had so many calories. And before practice I tend to down an energy drink for that extra lift I need to play my best. I wish I had enough time in a night and day to be well rested, ever! Energy supplement of some sort is an absolute necessity for my busy lifestyle. I just hope someone will just tell me what is the best, healthiest energy supplement.
It depends. Just answered this on another page. This is a huge topic right now. And It's taking over the country.
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