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Eight things the totally undisiplined person can do to make his or her energy soar

Posted May 13 2008 5:32pm

Changing your lifestyle can almost always guarantee an increase in energy. Unfortunately, when most people hear what is necessary to have health and energy, they become a little discouraged. You can make a few, very easy changes that will improve your health immeasurably. Better yet, these improvements will make future self discipline easier.

Sugar: Of course everyone knows that you should give up refined sugar in order to enjoy good health and energy. Sugar is addictive. If you must eat it, you can minimize the negative effect of sugar and reduce your craving for it.

1. Eat a good sized breakfast and make sure that it contains protein. Eat it slowly. Eating protein in the morning will drastically cut sugar cravings throughout the day (don't skip any meals)

2. If you must have something sweet, make sure that it is after a meal. Do not eat sweets first thing in the morning or between meals on an empty stomach.

3. If you must have something sweet, have cane sugar. Absolutely do not consume products with high fructose corn syrup - they undermine your ability to control your appetite.

4. Avoid artificial sweeteners - they will actually create problems with controlling your appetite.

Baked goods: Of course you should eat whole grains and avoid white, refined flour. This is hard for some people, but some minor discipline is easy and will pay big health dividends.

5. If you eat baked goods, eat them without additives. Bromine is in dough conditioners; these suppress the thyroid and create weight gain, depression and fatigue. Absolutely avoid bleached flour. If you read the label on a loaf of bread and there are things that you cannot pronounce, don't buy it.

6. Eat good junk. Look at ice cream; it is a sweet snack and not totally good for you. You can buy ice cream (like Bryers) that does not have a lot of additives. You crave the sugar - not the stabilizers and additives.

Change your oil: The kind of oil you consume can affect both your appetite and energy.

7. Absolutely avoid hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats. These undermine your endocrine system, your energy and your immune system. Taking an omega-3 essential fatty acid, like flax oil is also very good for you. Get some flax seeds and add them to salads.

It's not what you don't eat that is important: What you do eat is even more important.

8. Eat as much fresh, raw produce as you possibly can. This will improve your digestion, reduce pain, increase energy, and reduce your appetite.

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