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Eight at Eight

Posted Oct 04 2009 12:00am

I got up bright and early this morning to do my 8-mile run. I am doing this race with two friends. One of them works the night shift as a nurse and had just gotten off work. She wanted to run early so she could go to sleep. I was fine with it. I think it’s much nicer to get the run over with so I can enjoy a leisurely day, rather than having the impending run looming over my head.

This run was pretty easy. And if you look at my stats, you’ll see why! Negative splits, anyone? I can explain.

Distance – 8 miles. Total time: 1:38:35
Mile 1 – 13:17
Mile 2 – 13:50
Mile 3 – 13:33
Mile 4 – 13:31
Mile 5 – 13:47 (we walked for some of this one)
Mile 6 – 10:01
Mile 7 – 10:45
Mile 8 – 9:54

Umm, yeah. I am not a fast runner. I knew we were running the first mile pretty slowly, but I always run the first mile at a slower pace so I wasn’t really bothered by it. But after a while, I realized that we were going really, really slow. I kind of felt like I was doing a fast walk. I didn’t know what to do because I wanted to stay with my friends, so I just shuffled along for a while. At the turn around point, we decided that we didn’t need to stay together. Or rather, I just picked up the pace a bit. One of my friends stayed with me and the other stayed behind. Miles 6, 7 and 8 are much more of my truer pace. I don’t really know what to do when I’m running with friends and they run at a different pace. Do I just go ahead? Honestly, I’m usually on the other side of that, where I’m the slow one. I felt like we were going very slowly in the beginning but was sort of shocked to see how slow it really was. Typically I like for all my miles to be in 10 minute range, give or take.

Anyway, the run is done and all in all, it went fine. I kind of feel bad that one friend and I ran ahead of the other one, but I don’t think I should. Right? I know that during the race, everyone is fine running her own pace. But sometimes I feel like when we train, we are supposed to run together. Except that I want to challenge myself by maintaining a pace that feels a little bit challenging.

That was my morning. It’s very nice that I have the rest of the day to do what I please. Apparently, doing what I please consists of getting into a dumb argument with my mother about my wedding registry. Ugh.

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