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EdIbLe LoS aNgElEs Part 6. Axe

Posted Apr 06 2010 6:10pm

If you live in the Santa Monica area, this is the small, unassuming, large windowed, white restaurant on Abbot Kinney (just before the intersection with Main Street) that you have driven by countless times and always wondered, “what on earth is that place?” Well, if you are this person, boy are you lucky, because you just happen to be living or working near one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles.  

This restaurant fits in seamlessly with my mission statement as they use local, seasonal, organic ingredients to create fantastically fresh vegan, vegetarian, or meat-based dishes.  They pay respect to their ingredients by letting them be the stars of the meal, no rich sauces needed to mask the blandness of old or mediocre produce. The wait staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. If the description of the dish did not sell itself on the menu, then the waiter sure will!  Everyone that works at this restaurant believes in what they do.  In fact, they are so true to their beliefs that the restaurant saves its scraps and returns them to the farms that they work with so that the waste can be used as fertilizer!

Some might find that the menu is fairly pricey; it would be hard to walk out without having spent at least $25.  In that case I’d recommend not going out as many times this month and saving up for experiences that really count!  You will not regret this decision, and neither will your belly.

When I feasted at Axe I had fantastic seared sake marinated filet of all pasture fed beef and the composed farmers market plate.  The market plate is a wonderful way to taste the way the restaurant prepares all of their different fresh vegetables.  I had roasted yams, heirloom carrots, pea tendrils and snap peas.  The preparations were all very different yet harmonious and insanely beautiful on the plate with all of the different colors and textures.  The menu is always changing so don’t be upset if you miss the pea tendrils, something equally delicious will be in its place!

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