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Eco-Friendly MIRA Stainless Steel Containers Giveaway!

Posted Apr 23 2013 1:39am

I hope you had a great weekend! As always, the weekend went by way too fast! We had a fun time at  Picnic Day  on Saturday followed by a lovely “at home date night” making a delicious pizza (recipe to come soon!) and enjoying a nice bottle of vino!



After some possible tenants came over to look at our house yesterday, we went for a bike ride, had some frozen yogurt and played in the park. It was a fun Sunday afternoon! Though the couple who looked at our house liked it, they called us today and said our backyard wasn’t big enough for their dogs. So, back to the search for renters we go! With only two months until we plan to move, I’m getting more and more nervous about finding tenants. If you know of anyone in the Sacramento area who is looking for a house to rent, let me know!

Taking a picture in the fly at the Entomology department at Picnic Day!

Taking a picture with the bugs at the Entomology department at Picnic Day!

Okay, enough talk about the weekend, it’s time to talk about  MIRA Stainless Steel Containers !

MIRA Brands  contacted me a while ago, asking if I would try out their stainless steel lunch box trio and provide them with feedback. Since I’m a big proponent of packing a lunch, I was more than happy to review them. In addition, I was excited that they were stainless steel, since most lunch and regular food containers are plastic. MIRA’s containers are eco-friendly, reusable, made of unlined 18/8 food grade stainless steel, non-toxic lids made of LDPE number 4 plastic, free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead.

Perfectly sized for packing a lunch to work, but also good for snacks and small amounts of leftovers.

Perfectly sized for taking lunch to work, but also good for snacks and small amounts of leftovers.

As you know, my husband and I love to cook and pack our food when we are traveling or out and about. In fact, when I was working, I very rarely went out to lunch, as I always preferred to bring my own. It seems funny to discuss food storage, but properly storing food is not only safer, but maintains flavor (or keeps other things in the fridge from smelling like that yellow curry you just put away for tomorrow’s lunch!), and also makes eventual clean-up a lot easier, too. I can report that they’ve definitely got their place in the kitchen. Sometimes simple really is better!

Compared to plastic food storage containers, these steel pieces just seem easier to clean. The non-staining plastic containers usually get scratched through scrubbing, and don’t seem to shed that film of grease unless they go through the dishwasher, which makes them look even more sad and scratched. Other plastic containers will turn that crazy shade of orange if they even touch anything tomato-based. I’m sure these steel containers will eventually show some fine scratches, but at least those scratches won’t trap stuff the same way scratches in plastic containers tend to do.

So far, the lids haven’t met anything that discolored them, but I don’t know if that will last. They’re opaque, though, so that shouldn’t be a cosmetic issue that’s a deal-breaker, if it does happen. My husband is really picky about how lids fit on containers, and he absolutely loves these because they’re very tight-fitting (he’s a total dork). He suggests pressing most of the lid’s edge down, pressing the center of the lid to remove more air, and then finally pressing down the edge that’s not sealed. Doing it this way leaves the lids very flat, and almost acts like a slight vacuum.

They are the perfect size for packing your lunch (holding just the right amount of food, keeping portions in check) and fitting into a small hard or soft cooler. So far, we have only used them for storing leftovers in the fridge, but I have put them in our small travel cooler and they fit perfectly, leaving  enough room for a drink, silverware and a piece of fruit.

Overall, I really like these containers, and recommend them to anyone looking for non-plastic, non-glass food storage options, especially for those who bring their own lunch to work. I’d like to see larger options for storing dinner leftovers, as they are definitely a great product! If you are interested in purchasing a set, you can find them on Amazon .

In the meantime,  MIRA Brands was SO generous that they offered to send the same trio to one lucky reader!

Enter the giveaway below! Contest ends next Monday, April 29th.

 Disclaimer: I received the products for free and all opinions are my own.
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