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Eats of the Week: Garlic Soup & Sushi

Posted Jan 27 2012 9:49pm

This week was more stressful than I would have wanted. I think I will start going to a yoga class occasionally when I feel it is a more stressful week. My number one goal recently has been to better manage stress and not worry about insignificant things. Stress management is important for overall health, and is something we often forget about.

Anyway, Mr. Cyclist made this amazing garlic soup similar to this recipe . He used about 50 cloves of garlic (or more), 3 onions, milk, 3 cheeses, stock, and thyme. You will smell like garlic for days if you eat this stuff, but it was so creamy and delicious. I ate some with some thick hearty bread.

Garlic can help to lower blood pressure, keep the heart healthy, and decrease inflammation and stress.

Yesterday, I got the chance to swing up to Whole Foods for lunch, and created this concoction:

Chimichurri tofu, a few sauteed veggies, and a light broccoli slaw all combined on top of a bed of spinach and kale. I like to make a combination of foods and put it over top of some kind of salad greens. This is a great trick to make your salad weigh less (and pay less) at Whole Paycheck. The cashier guy was impressed with my $5 or $6 salad, and told me I should hold a seminar on how to eat cheaper at Whole Foods. Little did he know he was talking to a RD. :)

Then I met Valerie to help her navigate Ikea. She had never been, and was so confused on how to actually purchase items. So we took a nice break from our efforts with sushi dinner  My food model.
I was a little scared to try this yellow-tail sushi appetizer. But, I was pleasantly surprised by the jalapeno, cucumber, and herbs that helped distract me from thinking about a raw piece of fish.

We also had calamari but ate it all too quickly to take a photo!

Tips for the week:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask if a restaurant offers brown rice in their sushi. You may be happily surprised.
  • Always always keep back-up snacks around. You never know when you will get stuck in traffic and be forced to eat dinner late. My go to is carrots, fruit, or nuts of any kind because it takes a while before they go bad.
  • Don’t let the short winter days keep you from achieving your goals. Just because it’s 7 pm and dark doesn’t mean you can’t exercise or keep improving your day.

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