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Eatling low carb with a vegetarian Indian co-worker

Posted Mar 02 2014 2:05am
This month, I am working in Tijuana but dining and sleeping in San Diego.  One of my co-workers co-workers is visiting from India.  He is a vegitarian.  It has been a real challenge finding a restaraunt that can cater to both of our dietary needs.  Last night I thought that i had the perfect place for both of us... Benihanas hibachi grill.  I could get hibachi steak with zucchini and other veggies plus a beef broth soup.  And, he could get tofu hibachi and rice.  But watching them cooking the meet and veggies all on the same grill using the same utensils about made him sick.  He did't eat hardly anything and excused himself from the table twice.  Tonight, he wanted to eat Indian so i reluctantly went along.  I looked up a few dishes and even the tandoori chicken was too high in carbs.  Since I don't know how most of these dishes are prepared, I couldn't easily figure out the carb counts.  I tried to ask how various mushy liquidy dishes were made and could not get a clear answer.  The two of us will be glued at the hip for the next month.  So, I ask you all to please suggest some low carb Indian foods and/or someplace American where we can both easily eat without being limited to salads.
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