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Eating Practice – 08/26/12 to 09/01/12 – I Found The Button!

Posted Sep 02 2012 7:54am

Summer is over – and so is the seeming impossible ‘eat what you want and don’t get fat’ phenomena that our hero has been experiencing. He *IS* getting fat. It’s time to buckle down and get back in the low carb groove.

Sunday, August 19, 2012 – 202.6

Let me just say that I had some awesome Chinese food. I do not know its name, but it was a Chinese beef stew of sorts with lotus root, beef, and a number of other things I don’t recall.

Absolutely fabulous.

Our old blender had given up the ghost a while back, and my immersion blender also died with a pop and a puff of smoke this day as I attempted to blend cherry tomatoes into a concoction I thought I would try: a squash and tomato soup, pureed.

I pulled out the new blender, a contraption with smoothie cups, so I made smoothies with the kids as well a making a puree of the stuff, making a thick sauce or a soup. I seasoned it like one would an Italian sauce, but it can be used both ways, I think.

I ate some of the soup with some Greek Yogurt – the hot and cold, and the different textures went well. It was only folded in to the thick soup, so the flavors and layers and textures didn’t disappear into each other, but existed on their own terms, making it a delight to eat. It had better be, as I got a potfull of the stuff.

I had leftover chocolate cake, as well as some rhubarb pie my wife made. I read and I talked with my daughters. I put some in mason jars and would love to preserve them, though I’m not sure I have the wherewithal to do so.

I cleaned out the pantry with my wife, discovering some cans of sardines that are to become my best friends again – as I have been enjoying my summer vacation *way* too much from a food standpoint.

I found my Strumstick, a little guitar-like instrument that takes little talent to play, and plinked out a song. It intrigued my younger daughter who had never seen the thing, and I showed her how to plink out some notes as well.

I didn’t really bother to count the day. It wasn’t something to count or measure. It was best left alone.

Monday, August 27,  2012 – 204.4 

Let me start by centering myself. Where I am. Where I want to be.

I’ve given up fiber and all vitamins except a single multivitamin and vitamin D. I take a metformin in the late afternoon, and my blood pressure meds daily. That’s it from a pill standpoint.

I stopped drinking alcohol last May, and diet sodas – except for the occasional – in January.

I still drink plenty of coffee and intend to continue to do so.

I’ve picked up a nasty crap food habit of late, and now it’s time to stop. I know what to do, and it’s really quite simple: Yogurt and fish during the day, and low carb evenings, so some carbs – mostly from veggies – are allowed. Try not to eat after 8pm if you can help it.

So penitent schoolboy I had an austere yogurt and an austere tin of sardines – a French one we probably smuggled back from last year’s vacation. Good, but not great – my current fave is the Wild Planet sardines with olive oil and lemon . (I just noted that Amazon will ship these to your door in reasonable quantities for free. Awesome and scary at the same time.)

At home I took my pureed squash and covered it in cheese shavings and had two bowls – really good.

I then had 2 lychees – an Asian fruit about the size of a cherry tomato.

I broke down and had one of the Japanese cakes in the shape of a fish I had the other day with a glass of milk. Yum.

Totals: 2,487 calories, 120 net carbs.

Tuesday, August 28,  2012 – 202.0

Again with the austere day of yogurt and tuna. Home was some Chinese long beans cooked in olive oil with ground pork, 2 chicken legs, and 5 ounces of breakfast sausage from the weekend with some low sugar ketchup. There was also a Panera Bread souffle – I had maybe a third of a leftover one I found abandoned in the fridge.

I did grab 3 or 4 fries and a Mc Nugget and sauce from the kid, but if you call that a ‘cheat’, it was a pretty lame one – I’ve done a lot better.

I bought more glucose test strips. I’m not going to be fanatical about testing, but I’ll check here and there.

Totals: 1,837 calories, 35 net carbs.

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