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Eating Mindfully How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food

Posted Oct 06 2010 2:32am

Eating Mindfully How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food

Healthy eating is conscious eating, according to eating disorders specialist Susan Albers. In this book, she introduces concepts of acceptance and awareness of one’s eating behaviors, new exercises steeped in Buddhist practices for healing negative patterns in this area, and a means for restoring tranquility to meals. Albers does not encourage a diet of deprivation, but instead provides a checklist for the wide variety of mindless eating approaches, from eating when not hungry to faddish diets to food rituals. Practical exercises grounded in cognitive behavioral research reveal the forces that drive unconscious eating. These step-by-step instructions help readers cut through the mind’s chatter and reach a new level of understanding of their relationship to food, weight, and health. This, finally, is a sound weight loss program that uses mindfulness techniques to break the patterns of unhealthy eating.

5 Stars Revolutionary!
To date I have lost at least 15+ pounds with this book! Incredible.

It is easy to read. The tips are really eye-opening. I’m re-learning how

to be a “normal” eater. I have been an overeater for much of my adult life.

About 20 years. Funny enough, that’s how long I’ve tried dieting.

One tip: please start off with “normal” portions…or, just what you think

you might need to be satisfied. I like to say, “let some other family have


My favorite part was discovering how I try to cram food in when already

satisfied in order to “clean the plate”. I’ve since stopped doing that.

I used to be a big “night eater”. Even that has all but disappeared.

This book impressed my doctor, too!

It’s a very kind, soft-style, not “beat yourself up”, “willpower!” type book.

One of the few out there, I think!

Please give this book a chance. It will work for you, too!

5 Stars Lifesaver
This book was very helpful and actually changed my life in a way that no other book has! I recommend it to anyone who is an emotional eater!

5 Stars need more bks like this
One of my FavS!!! bk is informative and captivating. couldn’t put it down. short chapters/lessons explaining the basic concepts and tools. very helpful and life changer! recommended to those who want to learn how to eat consciously for the rest of their lives (in contrast to dieting).

2 Stars But Here’s a Better Book For You
The information in this book is vague, hazy and totally non-motivating. Please, before you spend $$$ on Eating Mindfully purchase The Seven Secrets of Slim People. It is focussed, dense with wisdom and EXCELLENT exercises that develop your sane sense of how, why and when you eat so that you can lose that obsessive relationship you now have with food. Eating Mindfully will leave you treading water with no shore in sight.

The Seven Secrets of Slim People

4 Stars Worth the read
I found the book well written, easy to read and understand the content. It provided helpful information concerning why/how we make choices about food and how we approach eating in general.

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