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Eating Less To Lose Weight: Correct or Wrong?

Posted Jun 12 2010 6:32pm

When I tried to promote to people about healthy way to lose weight, one of my subscriber replied to my email and she said..

i have lose 8 kg already just less eat as usual

My replied to her, how long can you afford eating less to lose weight? Can you afford to eat lesser and lesser for the rest of your lives just to maintain and keeping the weight off? Does she knows that initial stage of eating less to lose weight will work so effectively and that is the reason why she is losing 8kgs just by eating less to lose weight. Eating less to lose weight without eating a healthy diet, is not the right way to lose weight. This is because when a person started eating less and not eating a healthy diet, let’s say insufficient of protein intake. What the body will do is, it will steal protein from your muscles and organs. Then, when you are losing your weight, it could be losing the muscles mass.

Eating less to lose weight will work because it is a sudden cut on the amount of calories intake to the body. When a person takes lesser calories than the body needs, automatically the person will experience weight loss. Cutting down calories is the right way to lose weight, but cutting down the nutrients needed by the body is a huge No No.

When your body is lack of the nutrition needed, you will notice few things like:

  • Dry skin
  • Easily crack nails
  • Coarse hair
  • Easily feeling tired
  • Looking pale
  • No energy

If your body starts  telling you something that means you are under go an unhealthy way of weight loss. Your body is lacking the nutrients needed. A lot of people are neglecting this and take it easy.  What is the point that you can lose weight, then you don’t look attractive? Out of the sudden you can lose weight, but you look so unattractive because you are easily feeling tired, looking pale as if a sick person and lack of energy? Is this called the success in losing weight? Do you dare to teach people to lose weight like you do even you have lost a lot of weight using your own weight loss plan which is showing that your body is lacking of the balance nutrition needed by your body?

Please: Don’t be the blind person who leads another blind person…

To eat right is actually quite simple. Know the reasons of your weight gain problem. Then, identify what and how you can do to lose the weight. Yes, eating less to lose weight.. but you need to eat the right food. The right food for the body. Many people does not know what is the right food for the body. Right food is the food that your body cells needs. Our body are made of trillions of cells. Cells need food too. Cells need food like vitamin, minerals and sufficient water. Feed them with these right food and you are on a way to Healthy Weight Loss Plan.

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