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Eating Healthy While Traveling

Posted by C.L. R.

So, I had posted a question regarding eating healthy while traveling. And this trip, I was determined to stick to my guns. I packed healthy snacks (like several of you suggested) and drank plenty of water before getting to the airport (and throwing down the $3 to get a new bottle when I was there). I pretended to sleep when the stewardess was passing around packages of indigestible ?cheese spread? along with cookies and even said, ?No thank you,? when the nice lady next to me offered me some free drink coupon she had. And I tell you what, it really wasn?t hard. At LAX, they have (in the Delta Terminal, so don't take this as gospel for the others) a little side restaurant called Creative Croissants. And (in addition to all the pastries) they had an incredible side area offering fresh fruit salads, thai salads, a huge vegetable platter, etc. etc. I invested in the vegetable platter (and when I say invested, that is not a figure of speech) but for the first time ever, I was stuffing my face with (fresh! It's true!) broccolli, cauliflower, carrot and celery sticks instead of my typical, pre-flight cheese puffs. So, yay. Thanks for all the advice. I ended up feeling much less jet-lagged and travel worn than usual and I'm going to say it had a lot to do with my determination to (this time) find healthy food as I traveled.
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