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Eating Healthy Nutritious Food--Reminders of Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

Posted Apr 30 2008 11:01pm

Eating healthy nutritious food is one good insurance policy against having a weakened immune system. Lately, as friends and family all around me are being stricken with viruses, colds, and flus, I am certainly glad that I have not been severely hit with these same things.

Many stressors on our bodies can contribute to an inability to ward off sickness, even though we are eating right. Lack of proper, routine rest and sleep is one of these stress factors, and there are numerous others.

But here are a few home and herbal remedies that I have found to be effective. It's important to note that these are the MOST EFFECTIVE at the ONSET of symptoms. (like feeling unusually tired or weary, chills, or sinus drainage):
-Obtain a quality Echinacea/Goldenseal combo and take 2 caps every 2 hours

-Cut up a clove of
garlic, mix it in a tsp of pure honey and swallow it (I have to chase it with juice or sweetened tea!) Do this every 3 hours as well.

-Drink a cup of
raw juice of some sort every 3 hours and limit your solid food intake. If you don't have a juicer, then use a powdered juice drink like, THE FEAST, from Uri International. This is much more convenient than a juicer too. It's berry flavor is delicious and it contains the juice of 30 fruits and berries and the juice of 30 greens and veggies.

-Drink hot water with lemon wedges squeezed in and a tsp of honey.

-Take an over the counter zinc supplement for colds like "Cold-eze or Zicam". These have proven to be extremely successful for me and my family.

-And last but not least....GO LIE DOWN AND REST!! If you keep pushing yourself you may loose the window of opportunity to fight this thing with natural remedies. Once it really settles in and becomes full blown, it usally won't leave as easily.

Merry K.
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