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Eating Healthy Nutritious Food Introduces You to YERBA MATE

Posted Nov 05 2008 9:06pm

A couple of months ago I reported here on eating healthy nutritious food that I was breaking the caffeine habit and published an article for my readers with tips on how to quit the vicious cycle of caffeine use that only results in more tiredness and stress on blood sugar levels.

Since then, I have discovered NATIVA YERBA MATE . This is a Brazilian Tea with only 20 mg of caffeine. I am surprised how Yerba Mate gives me mental clarity and a "wake up" feeling without making me jittery. I also do not experience any after-effects or any drops in energy. And best of all, Yerba Mate does not make me hungry (I'm referring to the hunger experienced as a result from blood-sugar lows caused by caffeine).

The Nativa company has the smoothest and purest Yerba Mate on the market. Just stems. This cannot be said about all other brands.
They also offer various other loose herbs to add to your tea infusion such as Chamomile, Ginko Biloba , and Gotu Kola.

The photo above will link you to the site where you can check out all of the benefits, testimonials, and products offered thru NATIVA YERBA MATE.
They also feature a 1 lb. bag of the new Suave/Mild blend which is popular in South America among the women Materas. This blend is perfect for new Mate drinkers who may not want the bolder, regular Mate. I personally still put cream and Agave nectar in mine...whether bold or mild. (Must be my British ancestry!)

Merry K.
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