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Eating Healthy Nutritious Food But Lacking Energy

Posted Nov 14 2008 10:01pm

Have you ever said, "I wonder why I'm SO tired?".

There are so many factors to getting and staying healthy! And while
eating healthy nutritious food is FOUNDATIONAL, you may find that it simply does NOT cure EVERYTHING that ails you.

If we lived 200 years ago, we might be able to safely assume that our food intake and good honest work were enough to keep us in pretty decent shape. However, because of our modern lifestyles, and modern farming techniques and cannot be made ship-shape by food alone.

Wholesome nutrition and an evaluation of the foods we are consuming is THE place to BEGIN when launching out into a new way of healthy living . And again, I is the FOUNDATION!

But, here, I want to address a challenge that most women- and most especially mothers- will be able to really identify with.Fatigue and tiredness are a huge fire that our society fuels very well. Because we are so busy and undernourished we are typically stressed out, maxed out, and generally overdone!

We keep the caffeine pushers in business for sure. I'm not against caffeine, really. But you get the idea, right?

When the stresses of your daily life (and we ALL have them) stack up against you, your
ADRENAL GLANDS have to work super hard to keep up the pace.

As a mom who... had 5 children in a span of 7 years, breastfed every one of them, homeschooled, moved every other year - even back and forth to Israel twice, and stayed passionate for my husband...I can tell you that my Adrenal Glands are crying out for MERCY!!!

Here are the symptoms of
Adrenal Fatigue -A short fuse ("You did WHAT?!")
-A tendency to catch viruses easily
-Light-headedness when going from sitting to standing
-A tendency to avoid stressful situations by ignoring them (Like when the kids are fighting for the 800th time in an hour and you pretend like you don't know it!)
-A need to eat frequently to ward off shakiness and spaciness
-An inability to get going in the morning. You're more alive and awake at night...your typical nightowl.Ha! That's funny to I sit here typing this at 12:33 am while my hubby and children sleep. I am ready to party! Do ya think I might have adrenal fatigue?

Acute stress can cause your adrenals to produce an excess of stress hormones. If the stress persists long enough, the adrenals can be fatigued to a point at which they don't produce enough stress hormones, like a car running out of gas.

Here are some natural fixes-Boost your
B vitamins . Vitamin B5 found in whole grains, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and salmon is essential to the production of adrenal hormones. If needed, supplement with 500mg of B5 a day. But please, remember to get a quality supplement...not the cheapest one at the Wal-mart or Eckerd. Go to a health food store or quality herb shop or order online. Nature's Sunshine is an awesome, well known company with a history of quality.
Also adding 100-150 mg of B6 a day...even above what is in your multivitamin (if you take vitamins...I just drink THE FEAST ( )

Vitamin C will help manufacture adrenal hormones. 1,000 mg twice a day.

-Eat foods salted with a full mineral blend salt like Himalayan Salt. ( ) My post on salt a month or so ago will tell you more about the need for the right salt. Even drinking that salt brine will bring balance to your adrenal system. You need a quality salt because depleted adrenals often don't signal the kidneys to retain salt.

-Try Licorice. Liquid
licorice extract (not the candy or tea) or capsule licorice extract is an herbal remedy that will increase the body's ability to utilize cortisol, one of the major adrenal hormones. However, licorice extract can cause high blood pressure, so consult a physician if this is of concern.

I am in much need of help in this area myself. I share this with you so you know that I too am on the same journey. Don't get discouraged if your health is not at the level you desire yet. It takes time to wear your body down (as we do with our bad food and lifestyle choices), and it takes time and diligence making
nutritious food choices to restore us to good health.

Keep eating healthy nutritous food and keep desiring more and more of the truth about
nutrition . You are gaining ground. Don't look back now!!!

Merry K.
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