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Eating Healthy Nutritious Food and the Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Posted Oct 27 2008 11:05pm

If you are in pursuit of you may be delighted to know that drinking moderate amounts of red wine on a daily basis is extremely beneficial to your health.

In the book "What Would Jesus Eat" by Don Colbert, MD he states that no other food or beverage decreases the overall mortality or the incidence of
heart attacks more than wine.

A major scientific study done in the 1990's called
shocked the American medical community. Although the French consume approximately 1/3 more fat, including saturated fats, than Americans and smoke more than us and excercise very little, they have one of the lowest heart attack rates in the world! They also have one of the lowest incidence of stroke.

The conclusion...because the French consume moderate amounts of red wine daily they had lower instance of
because the red wine causes less stickiness of platelets in the blood.

The consumption of red wine has also been shown to decrease the risk of developing
ischemic stroke . An ischemic stroke is caused by a blood clott. And the flavenoids of red wine- especially quercetin, catechin, epicatechin, and reversatrol- all decrease the clotting tendency of the blood.
The flavenoid quercetin has been found to have powerful anticancer properties.

Red wine also helps stimulate
digestion . Moderate amounts of it stimulate the acid secretion in the stomach without injuring the mucosal lining. HOWEVER IF A PERSON HAS GASTRITIS OR ULCER DISEASE THEY SHOULD DEFINITELY AVOID ALL FORMS OF ALCOHOL.

Dr. Martin Weisse of West Virginia University found that drinking one to two glasses of wine with a meal may also help prevent
food poisoning and dysentery. This is certainly great to know while dining out. Both red and white wines were found to be more effective in killing bacteria associated with dysentery than other forms of alcohol.

In the late nineteenth century, a
cholera epidemic broke out in Paris. Those who drank wine generally avoided the dysentery associated with cholera. Frequent travelers abroad have discovered from practice that drinking a glass of red or white wine with each meal is a great antidote for traveler's diarrhea .

An interesting note for those who absolutely CANNOT drink alcoholic beverages -Don Colbert, MD states that purple grape juice with absolutely no sugar added has many of the same health benefits of red wine.

Merry K.
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