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Eating for Pregnancy The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Todays Mothers to Be

Posted Aug 05 2010 6:56am

Eating for Pregnancy The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Todays Mothers to Be

Winner of Mom’s Choice Award in Pregnancy/Childbirth Category

Every pregnant woman understands that what she eats and drinks affects the baby developing within her. Yet as a mother-to-be, you’re likely juggling so much that you simply don’t have the time—or energy!—to ensure that you’re always eating right. That’s where this fully updated edition of the pregnancy classic comes in, making it easy to fulfill the needs of you and your baby. Eating for Pregnancy will provide you with all you need to know about nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy.

Here are 150 nutrient-rich recipes, more than 30 new to this edition, designed with you and your family in mind. Each highlights “What’s in this for baby and me?” and provides handy nutritional breakdowns and meal-planning advice. You’ll also find:

• Tips to help you minimize unnecessary weight gain and keep your nutrient intake high
• Fresh, fast, family-friendly recipes with realistic menu plans
• The most up-to-date information on supplements, sources, environmental concerns, and high-risk pregnancies
• An expanded vegetarian section—now with vegan recipes
• Helpful information for diabetics, including ADA exchanges, recipe tips, and dining-out strategies
• A unique Nine-Months-Later section, covering breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and weight loss after pregnancy—with illustrated exercises

5 Stars Offering 150 recipes designed for optimum maternity health
As appetizing as the peanut butter cheeseburgers sound, it may not be the best route to a healthy maternity. “Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today’s Mothers-to-Be” is a guide to the special diet that many mothers fail to consider during their pregnancy. Offering 150 recipes designed for optimum maternity health, aiming to help expectant mothers avoid unnecessary weight gain, tips for post-natal diets, and for when out on the town, “Eating for Pregnancy” is a complete and comprehensive guide of what to put in until the baby comes out, and beyond.

4 Stars My daughter loves it.
I shopped online for this book for my daughter who is a great cook and lives out of town…her first baby, my first grandchild. (Sniff, sniff.)

She has tried several of the recipes and raves about each one. She is working and also having “morning sickness” but is able to enjoy cooking with the help of this book.

5 Stars Very Useful and Helpful Guide/Cookbook!
Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition guide and cookbook is a wonderful tool for all women, especially pregnant women. Whether you know a lot or know nothing about healthy eating for mommy and baby, this book has something for everyone. The cookbook is not only full of delicious recipes (who says you have to be pregnant to make them?!), but also very helpful information on foods the baby needs and that your body needs to help sustain the pregnancy and keep you healthy. Along with these delicious recipes that are easy to make and are what I would consider “normal”. The recipes are not flamboyant, but everyday pantry items or easy to find in you local grocery store. There is also a ton of helpful information to help answer any pregnancy questions in regards to your diet and what you should or shouldn’t be eating. Some of these questions include; “What should I be eating? What is dangerous and why? If I eat this how is it benefiting the baby and I?” There is also a section for your last 9 months after baby is born. The exercises and eating tips are designed to help you loose the baby weight and regain your body!

This book is truly for those considering having a baby to those who have had their baby and everyone in between! Among the many helpful tidbits of information you will find helpful list that give sources of fiber, vitamin C, and other important nutrients. There is information on how much fish, water, vitamins, and other items that you should or shouldn’t be consuming. The recipes are in convenient categorized sections and come complete in a seven day menu planner. The author gives a list of pantry items needed for each categorized chapter of recipes along with time saving tips, storage tips, conversion charts and a variety of other very helpful pieces of information. The recipes range from breakfast to dinner with snack and vegetarian dishes. Eating for Pregnancy will quickly become a part of your family even after your baby is born. The recipes are for families too!

If your pregnant, planning to get pregnant, recently had your baby, are a health care professional or simply like to collect cookbooks or are interested in good nutrition, Eating for Pregnancy is for you! It would also make a wonderful gift for any expectant mother to be! It is well worth the time and money.

5 Stars Great cookbook for pregancy and everyday
I just got this book a week ago and I’ve already made several recipes. The recipes are super easy to make and taste fresh and healthy and are delicious! This book is easy to read and has all the basic nutrional info you need to know when you’re expecting. I especially appreciate the vegetarian/vegan section, which is extensive. Prior to my pregnancy I was vegetarian and my husband still isn’t eating meat, so the dinners I cook are usually vegetarian so we can both enjoy them.

I think my favorite feature in this book is that each recipe states the nutrional benefits of that particular dish – like protein, vitamin a & c, iron and calories/fat, etc. I wish all cookbooks included that info.

5 Stars A Nutrition Bible: Practical Advice and Excellent Recipes
A practical approach is what really distinguishes this new book from the myriad of others on the market. The authors provide the latest, source-based information on all aspects of nutrition during pregnancy. Then they go the extra step and suggest ways to apply it. They have straight-forward menus, shopping lists, food sources, food-safety advice, fish-safety facts, cooking tips dealing with discomforts, avoiding food-borne illness, special vegetarian and vegan guidelines, post-pregnancy weight loss, nutrition for breastfeeding, and on and on. It’s well-organized and well-written which makes it a pleasure to read and follow.

What I loved is that it is also a real cookbook which I’ll keep for years unlike some of the others out there in this category – mostly text with a few recipes thrown in for good measure. The recipes I have tried so far have been amazingly good: The banana muffins are so tasty it’s hard to believe they are really healthy! The asparagus, hearts of palm, and tomato salad meld their flavors together beautifully along with tons of vitamins. I couldn’t stop eating the sweet-potato casserole, the shrimp and veg stir-fry is easy and delicious, and the desserts are actually brilliant! We love blueberries, so I made the apple-blueberry granola crisp and the blueberry buckle reminded me of a long-ago (and long-lost) blueberry to-sigh-for dessert I had years ago in Bermuda. I made the carrot cake for my daughter’s birthday, and everyone commented on how moist and yummy it was.

If you are looking for an up-to-date nutrition-cookbook “star” that will stay on your shelf long after your baby is born, look no further. This has to be the most complete before, during, and after pregnancy book out there! And, it will keep the entire family healthy – every family ought to have this nutritional gem on their shelves.

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