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Eating Disorder

Posted by C.L. R.

With all the focus on our health and bodies, it's important to remember to keep it in perspective. This was such a strange year in the media, with celebrities like Nicole Richie and one of the Olson twins (I feel awful that I don't know which one) getting scary skinny. Even Angelina Jolie, the queen of beautiful, isn't looking too hot these days.

Many things attribute to this condition - stress, etc. - but an unwillingness to eat or forcing the body into starvation is an illness. If you suspect you or one of your friends is taking diet and exercise too far, get help. If health is important to you, your body's safety should be too.

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Well, I think for women that our bodies are the focus of too much criticism and scurtiny.  Women are as guilty as men in commenting on someones weight. 

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Is there an online CBT-E???
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