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Eating better for less.

Posted Oct 31 2009 12:31pm

Healthy eating should not always be at exorbitant price.Its feasible to prepare decent nutritious meals everyday even on a modest budget.Considering the health costs of unhealthy diet in the long run its wise to invest a little now and avoid all the trouble later.
Here are some ways to eat better for less money :

* Eat Seasonal and Local Foods:The seasonal and local grown produce is always cheaper.Berries ,melons and stone fruits in summer,some fruits like apples,pears,bananas and oranges are available year around.In fall the overwhelming stock of pumpkins and squash can provide the much needed antioxidants for the season,and never throw away the seeds ,its rich in nutrients.

* Pay Less - buy economical foods
Beans and legumes are one of the most cheapest and nutritious source of food.Frozen beans like Edamame(baby soybeans) are a good choice of cheap nutrition.Buy them in bulk for lower price.Low fat milk ,Tofu and Organic eggs are other good sources of protein at no high cost.And among vegetables,the carrots,leafy greens, broccoli, cabbage,
sweet potatoes,potatoes,green peppers,tomatoes
are fresh and affordable through the year.Buying bread from a local bakery can be lesser in price.Besides Rice whole grains like Oats,bulgur(broken wheat),barley and corn meal are most affordable.Nuts like peanuts and walnuts are cheaper than most other nuts.Cashews and Almonds are also cheaper when on sale.The whole grain pasta and couscous is one of the inexpensive staples.

* Shop smart:Plan your meals ahead and always make a list while grocery shopping include healthy snacks like Dried fruit and nuts mix,low sugar multigrain bars and whole grain crackers. Don't shop with empty stomach that often tempts us to buy ready-to eat foods like high sugar\high calorie candy,soda and chips.Coupons can also save a few bucks.

* Plant your garden:Use the space in your back yard.Vegetables like tomatoes,eggplants,beans,Okra,lettuce,spinach,cilantro,mint and peas can be easily grown with little effort. Here is the guide for the beginners.Even if you don't own a backyard,use the space in the patio or balcony,plant herbs ,tomatoes and leafy greens in pots.

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