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Eating At Night

Posted by Jane N.

One of the more interesting theories I have heard is the eating-after-a-certain-time theory. In this weight loss method, you are allowed to eat during the day, but as soon as that special time comes around (I’ve heard anywhere from between 6 and 8pm) the kitchen is officially closed! Weight gain occurs when your intake of calories exceeds your calories expended. If you tend to overeat in the evening, this might be a useful tool as a method of snacking control, resulting in weight loss. But in reality this has no relation to time; it’s simply eating too much. Ideally you should be getting the majority of your calories spread throughout the day, which is why we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This helps our body sustains all the physical activities we endure during the day. For those days that are a bit hectic, going for longer periods of time may result in overeating, so it’s best to make sure you eat every 2 – 4 hours. In countries like Spain, they don’t eat dinner until 10pm sometimes! I know that a small snack before bed usually helps me sleep a bit better, and prevents me from waking up too hungry. And like I’ve said before, if you’re hungry, it’s your body telling you it needs food. Still suspicious? Check out the American Dietetics Association’s view on night snacking:
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"its simply eating too much" Hmm, another interesting one. A lot of the literature i've read has stated that an idea to losing weight is to curb carb intake by early - late afternoon. (sometimes as early as 2pm for extreme weight loss programs!) But like, I see the title of your post "healthy eating/ eating at night" I suppose a night snack with carb is ok for healthy eatingn as long as it is a balanced caloric intake/out take for the day, there is no net gain or loss. But as far as weight loss goes, carb intake (for weight loss purposes) should be curbed near night time. I may be able to get some resources if any body is interested. I would love to see what the ADA's view is but your site link doesn't work :P But I do agree/stress that you should intake your full caloric intake! it wouldn't be wise to just stop eating after a certain time! that just leads to cravings and over eating later. The Kitchen should NEVER be closed :) Let's hear it for the kitchen.
Well, I think that carbs get a really bad rap. If your caloric intake meets your caloric output and you have a snack at night that includes carbs, then what's the difference? Like Bryan said, there would be no net gain or loss. I definitely think your metabolism changes throughout the day, depending on physical activity and things like that.
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