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Eating “The Oranges” (The Benefits of Orange Food)

Posted Sep 04 2012 4:13am

Continuing on from "The Purples", "The Reds", and "The Yellows", here's a look at "The Oranges".

I think the oranges are the color I am currently most into.

From the healing power of turmeric, to papaya, the incredibly powerful fruit with many health and healing capabilities, to sweet potatoes, an unsung health food powerhouse that seldom get's it's just due, to cantaloupe, to my favorite since childhood, tangerines.

As with the other colors, I include a recipe, this time for an orange drink called Pineapple-Orange Drink.

You can't go wrong with "The Oranges", so try to find a few that you can consistently take in everyday and reap the benefits.

Mother Nature's Gifts from "The Oranges"
 Curcumin, Beta-Cryptographic, Alpha-Carotene, Hesperidin and Naringenin

Good Source: turmeric
Benefits: An added perk to take-out curry: The antioxidant properties of curcumin may help counter the body’s negative responses to high-fat foods.
 Tip: If you can't get the spice consistently, try daily Cucumin capsules standardized to 95% curcuminoids.

Good Sources: Papaya, tangerines
Benefits: This carotenoid plays an important role in vision and in bone and cell growth.

Good Sources: sweet potatoes, carrots, winter squash, cantaloupe
Benefits: This mighty antiager, which converts to vitamin A in the body, bolsters immunity.
Cooking Tip: Like other carotenoids, it's best absorbed with fat: Roast vegetables with oil; pair cantaloupe with avocado.

Hesperidin and Naringenin:
Good Sources: Citrus
Benefits: The powerful flavonoids stave off inflammation and blood vessel damage caused by poor diets.
Tip: Frozen cirtus slices work great in smoothies

Papaya-Orange Drink Simple Recipe

-3 cups fresh squeezed orange juice, chilled
-1 ripe papaya, peeled, seeded, and cut into chunks


-2 tablespoons lime juice
-1 1/4 cups seltzer water or carbonated water, (serious health food junkies omit the sparkling waters to keep any drink recipes 100% natural)


Optional Pink Himalayan Salt (With sweet fruity summer drinks, I love to coat the rum of my glass with pink Himalayan salt, similar to what you would do with a Margarita. It gives such a  good balance to the sweet taste of fruit drinks)

1. Combine the orange juice and papaya in a blender in batches and puree.
2. Combine the orange-papaya puree with the lime juice and seltzer.

Add Pink Himalayan Salt to rim of glass if desired (Avoid common table Salt !!!!)

~stay healthy~


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