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Eat your wild foods!

Posted by Tamar F.

I once attended a women's conference several years ago where a prominent speaker proclaimed that people (and women are people too!) should be eating more wild foods. There are lots of yet undiscovered micronutrients that get lost in the shuffle during the process of selective commercial agriculture. We know that fruits and vegetables are being farmed for their color, uniform size and shape, as well as ability to withstand long shipping processes. Wild foods bypass all that and are the ultimate survivors of the fittest. Also, in the same vein as ?we are what we eat?, it's important for us as animals to partake of natural, hardy foods in their pure state. Eating wild helps us maintain our sharp animalistic senses, our fitness and natural digestion. Still, be careful in what you pluck from the roadside. For example, unless you are an expert, don't grab mushrooms you find lying around! So many varieties are poisonous. I like to see what my puppy is sniffing out - he has pointed the way to wild strawberries, chives and mint.
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