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Eat Whole Grains!!

Posted by amyjo j.

Do you know the difference between refined and whole grains? Refined grains have been milled to remove the outer layers called the bran and the heart of the grain called the germ. The problem is the bran and germ contain all the good stuff, like fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy oils. Eat whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa and whole wheat for healthy, full of flavor side dishes, cereals and breads!
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Everyone's been talking about eating whole grains instead of 'refined' but I haven't heard much on why whole grains are actually better for you. Thanks Amyjo! Are there some whole grains that are better than others, or is it pretty much all the same in terms of fiber, vitamins, etc.?
Congrats on your goal - whole grains are the best! The thing that I love about whole grains is the nut factor - many of the breads that have whole grains also spice it up with a nut or two (allergy people, read the label). But there is nothing more satisfying that getting a piece of what we formerly knew as bread, taking a peek and realizing that in truth, it's a meal itself! One of the ways I've found to continue eating quality whole grain products is to patronize the bakeries in health food shops or health food restaurants. (Although the restaurants are a little more pricey, the breads typically mirror the price - in other words, it's worth it). You can buy a bundle and freeze it, or feel European and grab your whole grain and go. To answer Finally a Reason, yes, there are different qualities of whole grains. If you are looking for something specific (ie. high fiber) ask the counter person for recommendations or to see the nutrition information. Most places are very accommodating with this.
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